5 Uses For Electronic Document Retention Software

Over the course of a project, managers and team members have access to numerous electronic documents related to the job. Because these files may contain sensitive or vital information, teams need electronic document retention software. As a project manager, you need these programs to ensure documents are not accidentally deleted or inappropriately accessed. Due to the nature of the information in these files, you are liable in the event of a security breach or loss of data. Read on as we highlight various uses for electronic document retention software.

Information Leak Risk Reduction

One of the primary roles of electronic document retention software is to reduce the risk of information leaks. The main method for risk reduction is automated system purging. In other words, the retention software automatically deletes files after a preset amount of time or if the system detects unauthorized access. This reduces the chances of wrongful access to sensitive information. These systems are especially useful for project managers working with insurance or private consumer data. However, other types of companies like business consulting firms and law firms can advance with these solutions. Project managers need electronic retention software to ensure information leak risks are minimal.

Access Monitoring

Similarly, electronic document retention software allows you to grant and monitor access to files. As the project manager, you control who has access to certain documents and even certain information contained in them. Also, you can see when and where documents are opened. This further reduces the risk that information is compromised. You can lock documents as well. That means that your team can only access files while they are working. The program notifies you in the event an individual attempts to access locked or unauthorized documents. Use the access monitoring function of your document retention software to ensure files are only opened by pre-approved team members.

Document Organization

Furthermore, use electronic document retention software to organize files related to your projects. With these programs, you never have to worry about losing a document again. This program saves you time by organizing files by project and date. HR managers can keep applications for employment in one place. Moreover, they can keep those documents separate from other crucial files. If you are overseeing multiple projects, this feature is invaluable to you. Document organization provides a centralized program to ensure files are easily found when you need them. This helps your team as much as it assists you. Project managers need retention software with intuitive organization to ensure they never lose or misplace files again.

Keyword Searches

In the same vein, use the keyword search function of your electronic document retention software. This feature is supplemental to document organization. Use keyword searches to quickly find documents you are looking for. Also, use the keyword search feature to comb through documents. This especially comes in handy when you are looking for specific information in a longer document. Keyword search saves you and your team valuable time locating documents as well as specific data within them. Project managers need electronic document retention software with a keyword search feature to quickly find the files they need for the job.

Cloud-Based Management

Lastly, utilize cloud-based file management to oversee your project documents while you are out of the office. Electronic document retention software offers cloud-based management so that you remain in control no matter where you are. This function is essential for project managers who oversee multiple or remote teams. Cloud-based management also provides an additional storage system. This further ensures that you cannot misplace documents needed for projects. Cloud-based management is an indispensable feature of electronic document retention software.

Project managers need electronic document retention software to ensure files are protected and accessible. By using a quality solution, you can save yourself time. Then, you can focus on other tasks like increasing workplace engagement. Use the best document retention systems to reduce the risk of information leaks through automatic purging. Control who can access documents to ensure data remains secure and private. Use document organization and keyword searches to guarantee you can always find the files you need. Finally, use cloud-based management to control your project’s files from anywhere with internet access. Use this guide to understand the uses of electronic document retention software.

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