Why Email Is The Best Channel For Your Holiday Marketing

The holiday season is a huge business opportunity for both retail e-commerce businesses and brick-and-mortar stores. As per a recent study by eMarketer, retail spending increased by 3.7% to $1.007 trillion during the 2019 holiday season. Moving into this year’s holiday season, considering the current global pandemic situation, customers will avoid brick-and-mortar stores and carry out holiday shopping online.

The effectiveness of email marketing to drive customers to the online store and generate a strong ROI makes it one of the most popular and preferred channels for marketing. Ecommerce businesses can use email marketing to their advantage this year to drive traffic to their online store and get people to purchase from their brand. So many businesses take help of ready to send Mailchimp templates to make things easier.

So, what makes email one of the best channels for holiday marketing? Read on to find out.

Emails Are Mobile-Friendly

Your subscribers prefer using their smartphones for almost everything. Making your emails responsive is an excellent mobile marketing tip to get more sales. Whether it is looking for some information, communicating with others or shopping online, they rely highly on their mobile phones. According to a study, mobile e-commerce is projected to rake in around $3.5 trillion by 2021. Emails can be optimized for mobile and other screens by using responsive templates. Hence, it is a great opportunity for businesses to reach to mobile shoppers through emails.

Emails Makes Buying Easy

Mobile shoppers are busy during the holiday season and look for options that can speed up their holiday shopping and make it simple and effortless. The best practices for creating effective emails include having a clean design that makes it easy for the subscribers to grasp the content and take relevant action. Your call to action is the most crucial element of an email. Using the CTA to highlight special offers and offer instant buying options to the subscribers will make it easy for them to navigate to your online store and make a purchase.

Emails Are Suitable For All Campaigns

Emails are effective in showcasing products and services, launching new products, promoting sales, engaging subscribers via holiday events, featuring unique gifting options, providing gift guides, or simply sending holiday greetings. Email marketing can be used by businesses in various ways to engage subscribers and stimulate sales throughout the holiday season. Whether it is Halloween, Black Friday, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, emails can be used to run various kinds of campaigns to promote your brand and engage users better.

Email Campaigns Can Be Automated

Businesses and marketers are very busy during the holiday season. Having easier options to reach potential customers and increase sales is what they look for. Email campaigns can be automated and used by businesses to their advantage. Right from sending a welcome email to keeping the subscribers engaged to behavioral triggered emails and reminders, marketing automation can be used in every stage of the customer experience. It is, therefore, an effective way to automate your holiday campaigns with various triggered emails and offers, while you focus on other important aspects of your business.

Emails Can Be Personalized And Targeted

The subscriber’s inbox is cluttered during the holiday season with deals and offers from various brands. In order to stand out from the rest of the brands, your email needs to be highly relevant and useful to them. Email lists can be segmented based on the demographics and preferences of the users and used to create relevant emails that speak directly to the subscribers. When you add a personalized touch to your emails it leads to higher engagement and an increased conversion rate.

Emails Can Be Made Interactive With Festive Content

Businesses can experiment with various design formats and elements to evoke the holiday feel in their emails. Emails can have images, GIFs, videos and other visual elements that can be used to add an element of fun and festivity and make the emails more attractive and interactive.

Devising a winning holiday email strategy, following the email design best practices to create emails and marketing it to the right customers can help you in effectively connecting with the audience and boosting your holiday sales. Emails can be used to send the right message to the right user, at the right time, making it the right channel for holiday marketing.

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