Mind-Blowing Email Marketing Statistics To Reach Your Target Audience

Email marketing is far from dead. Email marketing strategies are still proving to be one of the best marketing tactics business owners have in their tool box. Of course, there is definitely a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it. If you are a business owner debating how to incorporate email marketing tactics into existing marketing plans, keep reading. Below, you will learn the must-know email marketing statistics of 2019 to create a digital marketing strategy that drives real business results.

Wake Up 58% Of Customers

Email still wins out over social media as the first thing consumers check at the start of each day. Recent email marketing statistics from a NPS survey show that over 58% of consumers check their email first. Most of these users check their email on a mobile device once they wake up. That means your business marketing emails could be the first thing a consumer sees in the morning. This is true no matter what marketing demographics you work with. Regardless of age, location or other qualifiers, email still remains as the first thing a majority of consumers check each day. If you want to be the first to reach your target audience, email marketing materials are the best way to do it.

Reach 5.6 Billion Accounts

5.6 billion is the number of email accounts in use in 2019. There are over 5.6 billion email accounts ready and waiting to receive your email marketing content. This is obviously a vast audience. It gives your business an enormous reach for improving brand recognition and boosting sales. Also, this huge number of email accounts also goes to show the importance of maintaining an effective email marketing strategy. Traditional marketing mailers will become a thing of the past if the trend of ever-increasing email account signups is any indication. Remember this number when deciding whether or not to implement an email marketing plan for your business.

Return $36 For Every $1

When it comes to GDPR and marketing, for every dollar you spend on email marketing tactics for your business, you stand to earn a return of $36. Business owners often express concern at email marketing costs. However, email marketing statistics show that this type of marketing is a worthwhile expense. Simply put, email marketing will make your business a lot of money. That should immediately make you decide to implement these strategies if you do not already use them to market your business.

Open 8 Times More Emails

Transactional emails get opened 8x as much as other types of marketing emails. Transactional emails include order confirmation emails, shipment notification emails and similar. Business owners looking to employ a strong email marketing strategy can capitalize on this marketing statistic to inform their own tactics. Instead of viewing those order confirmations and shipping notifications as transactional emails, look at them as additional marketing opportunities. Include additional content, discounts, offers and more to design effective marketing emails that consumers will actually open. This is one of the best email marketing statistics for business owners to capitalize on for a better, more effective marketing plan for their business.

Influence 68% Of Millennials

68% is the number of millennial consumers reported to have had their purchasing decisions influenced by marketing emails. Clearly, this statistic proves that email marketing strategies work, even for a target demographic that business owners frequently assume is unreachable using standard marketing techniques. Promotional emails were reported to have the most impact on millennial buying decisions, even more effective than social media marketing, cashback marketing and other digital advertising. Promotional email marketing is an effective tool to use to reach all audiences, including millennial buyers. Remember that when developing your own promotional email strategies for business.

All business owners should employ email marketing tactics to achieve business objectives, increase revenue and improve performance. The email marketing statistics highlighted above prove that email marketing is still one of the best marketing techniques to drive results for business. There are over 5.6 billion email accounts ready and waiting to receive your branded promotional emails. For every $1 business owners invest in email marketing strategies, businesses stand to earn at least $36 in returns. That is why your business should send marketing emails to be the first thing consumers see in the morning. If you turn transactional emails into additional marketing opportunities, you are sure to reach all consumer audiences and demographics, including millennials. Remember these marketing statistics when creating your own email marketing materials in the future.

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