5 Email Newsletter Program Best Practices That Drive Results

Companies implement email newsletter programs to increase their website traffic and sales rates through engagement. With that being said, marketing professionals like yourself are constantly trying to improve their email newsletter tactics. You know how much online marketing influences business success and growth. You need to take your emails to the next level if you want to reach new customers and retain your current ones at the same time. Read on to learn the top email newsletter program best practices that drive results.

Send Emails To Yourself First

One of the best email newsletter program best practices to implement is to send emails to yourself first. When companies do not follow this practice, they risk sending an error-filled email out to all of their subscribers. Depending on the severity of the error, you could lose a lot of subscribers. For instance, if your email does not appear correctly on mobile devices, consumers who use their smartphones to read newsletters will unsubscribe. Avoid risking such a negative outcome by sending emails to yourself before sending them out to your contacts. Then, you can make necessary changes and provide subscribers with error-free content. Use this email newsletter program best practice throughout your campaigns.

Evoke Emotion In Your Subject Lines

Another email newsletter program best practice to incorporate in your next campaign is to evoke emotion in your subject lines. Many consumers receive emails with generic subject lines that do not cause them to feel anything. When a situation like this arises, consumers automatically move the email to their trash folder. Most do not even open them. Hence, the subject line is a crucial element to any email. If you want subscribers to open your emails, you need to touch them emotionally. You can aim to make them feel curious, happy or concerned. Regardless, making them feel an emotion will cause them to open your emails. Therefore, evoking emotion in subject lines is a top email newsletter program best practice. If you succeed in generating effective subject lines, you can boost your click through rates easily as well.

Analyze Your Audience

Moreover, analyze your audience to establish a quality email newsletter program. Begin by determining what made your recipients subscribe to your newsletter program in the first place. This can be a difficult task because your subscribers’ reasons differ. Some may want to hear about your latest blog posts. Others like to receive notifications about your new products coming out. Your partners might even subscribe to your newsletters so that they can stay up-to-date on your company’s progress. Figure out all of the possible reasons for consumers to subscribe to your content. Then, research your audience to discover the types of content they prefer. Use the insights you gain to upgrade your email newsletter program.

Create Your Own Email List

Marketers who create their own email lists accomplish their email newsletter program goals as well. When marketing teams buy email lists, they risk sending their weekly newsletters to consumers who did not subscribe. Many of these consumers report the emails as spam. As a result, the companies responsible for the newsletter programs get blacklisted. When this occurs, the emails they send out do not reach any of their contacts, even those who enjoy the emails. For this reason, do not buy email lists. Email list rentals may be tempting, but they’re not worth the struggles down the road. Build your own to ensure that consumers who want to view your email newsletter program receive it.

Use Responsive Email Design

Finally, use responsive email design for your email newsletter program. Marketing teams that utilize this design style effectively reach their mobile audiences. To meet the needs and wants of your on-the-go subscribers, use a single-column design. Write your emails in large font that fits onto all mobile device screens. Enlarge your call-to-action buttons so that consumers can use their fingers to select them. If you want all of your subscribers to enjoy your emails, implement this email newsletter program best practice.

Marketing teams boost their ROIs through email newsletter programs.  To launch successful newsletter campaigns, send emails to yourself first. That way, you can ensure that you send out error-free content. Write subject lines that evoke emotion and persuade consumers to open your emails. Analyze your audience to provide them with the content that they prefer. Build your own email list to avoid getting blacklisted. Additionally, use responsive email design to reach your on-the-go subscribers. Create a profitable email newsletter program by using these best practices.

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