5 Facts To Know About Email List Rental For Digital Marketing

Email marketing lists matter. Successful marketing is all about getting your message out to as wide an audience as possible, and email subscription lists can help you do that. That is why marketing experts are always looking for effective ways to reach people online. Email list rental is one method of reaching a large audience. When one rents an email list, they are renting the rights to a pre-constructed list of consumers’ email addresses. Renting an email list can have good returns, but you have to be careful about which lists you rent. Here is what you need to know before you rent an email list.

Cost Factors

Cost is critical to evaluating whether a marketing campaign is worth it. In regards to renting an email list for your campaign, cost is calculated in cost per thousand impressions (CPM). Though CPM does vary, the industry standard is typically 2-3 CPM which comes out to about 2-3 cents per email. With lists between 2,500-5,000 emails, you will pay about $200-400 for consumers and $300-600 for businesses. Prices and CPM will also vary based on your demands. Your price may increase if you request email blasts across states and regions. If you are considering renting an email list, consider how much money you have in your budget. Compare the cost to other marketing campaigns and evaluate which will be more cost effective.

Return On Investment

Every successful marketing campaign is evaluated through return on investment (ROI). This should be considered when choosing to go with an email list rental service, just as it would when investing in a trademark symbol. As a member of a marketing firm, you are always looking to maximize the ROI and value for your clients. Depending on the subject of your marketing campaign, email lists can provide a ROI up to 122%. Studies show that email marketing can improve website traffic and boost sales conversions as well. The most important factor when renting an email list is that you or your company is not personally sending the emails. This means that your audience will not unsubscribe from your company or blacklist your domain, they will block the rental company’s address. This leads to improved recognition with less backlash. Keep in mind that results vary based on industry and subject. So naturally, ROI is certainly one of the main things to consider when you are considering renting an email list.


Before you rent an email list, you should also have a specific audience in mind. People are constantly inundated with spam emails and advertisements. They become desensitized to it and are likely to instantly delete any perceived ad. You will get the greatest return of clicks and purchases if you email people that have already shown interest in your industry. If the people delete your emails, you have essentially wasted your money. Keep in mind that many people have several emails as well. A large portion of emails online are not actually connected to a person or even checked at all. Make sure that your emails will actually be opened by picking the right audience and email list.

Using Legitimate Services

Not all lists and rental services are equal. There are thousands of email list rental services online. Do not be fooled. Make sure that the rental service is reputable, with a proven track record of success. Legitimate brokers will usually offer some assurance of success and quality, like a history of managing WhatsApp marketing, for example. Lesser services often scrape the internet for email addresses with no concern for where they came from or to whom they belong. High quality rental services can tell you how they came across the information. Do not be afraid to ask.

List Quality

You must keep a list’s quality in mind when renting. You would not buy rotten foods at the grocery store. Similar to rotten foods, cheap lists are no good. Many rental services advertise dirt cheap prices with promises of high ROI. However, the emails on these lists could wind up being worthless to your business. Your email will never be opened. They will either be deleted or never seen at all. High quality email lists are typically updated and refreshed frequently. The newer email lists will provide better results. Better email lists are also designed with a target or purpose in mind. This makes them work fluidly with marketing campaigns. Do not waste your money on low quality email subscription lists.

There are many factors to keep in mind when finding the right email list to rent.If you keep these tips in mind and carefully do your research, you can find a list that will benefit you, and maybe even your guerilla marketing campaign too. Adjust your marketing campaign accordingly for emails.These digital marketing strategies can have huge impacts on the overall success of your business. That is why you will be very glad you decided to rent an email list using the tips and tricks for high quality email marketing, detailed above.

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