5 Best Employee Anniversary Gift Ideas For Every Milestone

Using a gift to recognize an employee milestone is an effective way to boost morale and worker appreciation. Companies that acknowledge the time and effort a worker gives to a business are more likely to keep that employee. Beyond this, seeing coworkers’ efforts acknowledged by management inspires other employees to put forward their own efforts. Managers wishing to celebrate employee anniversaries should know what gifts to buy in order to celebrate. Here are 5 gift ideas for every employee anniversary milestone.

First Year Bonuses

An employee who has just completed their first year of employment should be given a small bonus to commemorate the occasion. Employees at this stage are likely to still be unsure of their position but have demonstrated that they are willing to commit. In this case, gifts should reflect the new adjustments their lives have made to accommodate the job. For example, an employee who brings their laptop to work will appreciate a laptop bag. If they have to travel a lot, they may appreciate a compact umbrella. At this stage, managers should strive to find gifts that show welcoming and appreciative business signs.

Fifth Year Anniversary Gifts

For reaching the fifth year landmark, employees should be given a gift that recognizes their new status. By this time, the employee is likely to have had one or two promotions or has begun to master their work skill set. Gifts given to these employees have to show that the company acknowledges their growth and values their abilities. For example, a hard-working employee may appreciate a pour-over coffee kettle and a bag of high quality coffee grounds. Along with any gift, managers should list some of their most notable improvements. This demonstrates that the company recognizes and values their contributions. Managers should try to acknowledge and reward the growth that an employee has achieved over the last five years.

Gifts For The Tenth Anniversary

The tenth anniversary is a big milestone and managers should seek to honor the employee. By this point, managers should consider making the act of giving the gift a public event. Recognizing employee contributions in front of other employees has a huge positive impact on morale. At this stage, the gifts themselves can take on a more ceremonial aspect such as an expensive bottle of wine. Managers can also reward their new status by giving them a brand-new desk and cubicle. Whatever the gift, you should look to treat the tenth anniversary as a major accomplishment and remember to balance professional and social relationships.

Twenty Year Gifts and Beyond

By the twentieth anniversary of their employment, an employee has shown lifelong dedication to the company and their craft. The same also goes for any anniversaries after this. At this stage and beyond, an employee is a master of their craft and likely has been a mentor to many junior employees. Any gifts given should recognize this mentorship. For example, they could be given a special parking spot or a private office. These gifts reflect their status in the company as a most valued contributor. Managers should ensure that people who are the most committed to the company are the most rewarded.

Retirement And Lifetime Achievement Gifts

More personal gifts should be given to retiring employees or employees who have earned some type of lifetime achievement awards. Along with any presents or awards, managers should prepare a short speech detailing the employee’s career. Special care should be taken to highlight their unique talents and how their personality contributed to the company. For these individuals, consider making their gifts highly personal. Input from other employees that have worked closely with them will be invaluable for this. While a good watch is a classic gift, a more personal touch at the same price point can be a much more touching gesture. Employers should seek to add these personal touches to any gifts or awards given at this stage to demonstrate an approachable management style.

The right gifts can ensure that employees feel that their work is acknowledged and appreciated by the company they work for. With each passing milestone, a worker has dedicated more time and effort into a business and the gifts should reflect that. For the first year, a small, welcoming token can encourage an employee to stick with their work. At five years, employees should get something that respects their growing mastery of the craft. By the tenth year with the company a worker should start to have their achievements noted more publicly. For any anniversaries after this, gifts should focus on the status and prestige of the employee. For retirement or lifetime achievement awards, managers should try to recognize their most notable qualities and talents publicly. With these strategies, managers can ensure that employees feel appreciated by their employers.

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