5 Strategic Employee Assessment Test Questions To Ask

There are several strategic questions you need to ask on your employee assessment test. Asking the proper questions ensures you have thoroughly vetted employees before onboarding them to your team. Many candidates have been able to master the traditional interview process. Asking a series of strategic questions truly tests an employee’s knowledge, while giving you an idea of who they truly are. If you are interested in the essential inquiries to ask prospective candidates on your pre-employment test, read on to learn about the top strategic employee assessment test questions.

Emotional Intelligence Questions

Emotional intelligence questions are essential to ask on your employee assessment test. Asking these questions allows you to analyze prospective employees’ emotions, behavior, and thinking skills. People with high emotional intelligence levels are said to have clearer thinking skills, and more advanced teamworking skills. There are several questions you can ask to test a candidates emotional intelligence. Ask what candidates are inspired by, what provides them internal happiness, and how they deal with negative emotions. At the same time, you should employees to define a time when their mood has altered their work performance. Be sure too ask emotional intelligence questions on your strategic employee assessment.

Verbal Comprehension Capabilities

You need to ask several employee assessment questions that analyze a prospective employee’s verbal comprehension capabilities. Verbal comprehension determines a candidate’s ability to communicate, vocalize ideas, and listen to others. In many cases, these questions are administered by reading a brief passage, then asking a series of questions. Asking these questions ensures that prospective employees’ are active listeners, while simultaneously testing their problem solving skills. Throughout preparation of your employee assessment test, be sure to analyze candidate’s verbal comprehension capabilities.

Personality Assessment

Personality assessments are an essential component of your employee test. Conduct an employee personality test to best learn what candidates are truly like. They question a prospective employees behavior, engagement levels, and most importantly, how they will work with others. In most cases, these are the introductory questions to most employee assessment tests. Ask candidates whether they see themselves as an introvert or extrovert, how they view new experiences, and how they would describe themselves. At the same time, ask prospective employees to rate their creativity, organization, sympathy, and dependency. Personality questions are one of the most essential strategic questions to ask on your employee assessment test.

Numerical Reasoning

Numerical reasoning tests are essential to ask on your strategic employee assessment. You still want to be able to test their numerical knowledge, even if candidates are not being interviewed for mathematical or analytical positions. Employees who score high on numerical reasoning assessments have higher reasoning abilities and problem solving skills. Questions you ask do not need to be extremely intensive or strenuous to calculate. Ask simple questions that prospective employees can quickly calculate in their head. Throughout preparing your strategic employee assessment, be sure to ask numerical reasoning questions.

Situational Judgement Tests

Strategic situational judgement questions are essential to ask on your employee assessment. Unlike numerical reasoning tests, situational judgement tests score results on a psychometric scale. These tests ask how a prospective employee would act when placed in specific scenarios. Questioning an employees’ potential actions gives you an idea of their behavior, work ethic, and ethical standards. In order to evaluate employee answers, identify the most and least appropriate responses prior to asking questions. If employees answer numerous questions that you believe are very inappropriate, consider withholding on your hiring decision.

There are several essential questions to ask on your employee test. First, you want to get a firm understanding of employee’s personality. Be sure to develop a series of questions that assess candidates emotional intelligence. You also need to prepare questions to assess verbal comprehension capabilities. At the same time, be sure to ask questions to analyze employee numerical reasoning skills. Furthermore, ask prospective employees’ a series of situational judgement tests. Consider the points mentioned above to learn about the top strategic employee assessment test questions.

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