5 Ways A Pre-Employment Test Identifies Top Candidates

The hiring process can be extensive and stressful for any business. As a hiring manager, it is your job to make sure you are bringing in the right person for the job. However, there are many aspects of a person to analyze when making this decision. Sometimes, you need more than the top resume screening tricks to find top talent. Below, you will find the top ways that conducting a pre-employment test identifies top candidates.

Reveal Preparedness

One of the most important elements that pre-employment tests reveal is the preparedness of the individual. First, if you are conducting in-office testing, you can get a sense of the person based on what time they arrive. Those who arrive early portray preparedness. It also shows that they respect and prioritize this appointment. The same goes for panel interviews, only more of your team gets a sense of the candidate’s preparedness. Next, you can analyze how the individual does under pressure. If they are not able to handle the pressure of this testing, they may not be able to take on the workload of this job position. Studying the individual’s preparedness will ensure that you are hiring the best person for the position.

Show Abilities

Another aspect that pre-employment testing shows is the individual’s abilities. By now, you have probably seen this person’s resume by now. But, as a business owner, you know that it’s possible that not everyone is as good as their resume says they are. Conducting a pre-employment test will make sure that you know the proper abilities of this individual. To do this, create a test that is specific to this job position. For example, there are job knowledge tests or skills assessment tests that can be designed for any job position. Taking this time to learn the individual’s abilities will make sure that you are hiring a capable employee. Use pre-employment testing to understand the abilities of the individual.

Learn Personality

One important thing to learn from a pre-employment test is the personality of the individual. Many candidates know what to bring to a job interview. In turn, they put on a facade to give hiring managers what they want. There are specific personality tests that have been created to gain realistic insight into candidates’ personalities. However, if you would rather conduct a test that is geared more towards the job, there are other ways to learn the individual’s personality. For in-office testing, there are several ice-breaker questions that you can use to make the person more comfortable. It is important to learn the individual during this pre-employment stage, because their personality plays a role in how they will fit into the workplace. You want to prevent any chance of someone feeling uncomfortable, so learn the individual’s personality during pre-employment testing to do to.

Other Skills

Learning about an individual’s other special skills will ensure that you are hiring the right person for the position. Of course, you are looking for a person who is capable of doing the job you are hiring for. However, learning their other skills will help you measure the value of this potential future employee, as well as promote opportunity for both the individual and the company. If this individual is hired, the company will know what else they are capable of, and they could offer opportunities to them in the future. Additionally, if this individual is hired, you already know something else about them. Thus, you build a good employee-relationship from the start. Learn about the individual’s other skills to reap these additional benefits during your pre-employment testing.

Online Benefits

Many companies participate in online pre-employment testing for potential future employees. For one, this option saves time for the hiring manager, because they won’t have to conduct the testing themselves. Another benefit to this option is that this online system will keep this process organized for you. This way, all you have to do is check the results of the test. This option is also more accessible for potential employees, because it avoids the risk of scheduling conflicts. The only downside of this option is that the hiring manager will not be able to visually observe how the individual reacts to test. However, if the test is mainly skill or ability based, this should not be a problem. Consider the online option when conducting pre-employment testing for your company.

Pre-employment tests are a beneficial hiring tool for any business. Not only does it analyze the abilities of the individual, but it also reveals their preparedness and personal organization. From these tests, you can also analyze the individual’s personality and other skills to decide on how they will succeed at your company. There are also options for online testing to save the business time during the hiring process. Consider these benefits to promote company success with pre-employment testing.

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