5 Top Employee Culture Survey Questions That Get The Truth

There are many insightful employee culture survey questions that provide quality feedback. Culture surveys help managers solve critical company problems, enhance their workplaces, and identify employee strengths. The questions being asked, how they’re being asked, and the available response options often have a significant impact on survey results. As a business manager, ask direct, neutrally-worded questions about things you can change or improve to get the most accurate survey results. Read on to discover five insightful employee culture survey questions for quality feedback.

“Are You Proud to Work For This Company?”

Asking employees if they’re proud to work for your company allows them to display their pride in the workplace. Results from this question provide employees’ levels of brand, mission, and diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Additionally, they offer insights into how your brand is viewed internally. Typically, 80-90% of employees are proud to work for their companies. Scores this high are average, so any scores significantly lower are usually indicative of internal concerns. Surely, asking employees if they’re proud to work for your company provides insights into employee brand and mission affiliation, as well as indicates any internal problems.

“What’s Your Career/Promotion Path?”

Asking about employees’ career or promotion paths highlights potential turnovers and allows you to mitigate them. In fact, a poll by Gallup found that employees undergoing continuous professional development are twice as likely to stay with their companies long-term. Therefore, asking this question demonstrates employees’ understanding of their future career path. If you’re getting unclear or doubtful answers, start offering various professional development opportunities and activities. This way, you increase employee satisfaction and engagement, prevent turnovers, and strengthen your employees. Absolutely, asking employees about their career path offers cost reductions via reduced turnover and higher-quality employees.

“What Kinds of Feedback Do You Get From Management?”

Asking employees about the feedback they receive from yourself and other managers significantly increases employee satisfaction and engagement. This and other management-related questions help employees feel that their voices are being heard. By feeling valued in this way, employees often increase their engagement, satisfaction, and the quality of their work. Additionally, this question provides insights for you to improve in your role as manager. Certainly, asking about management’s feedback and other management-related questions displays your company’s value of its employees.

“Is There Anything Causing Frustration/Delays?”

Inquiring about any frustrations or delays communicates your desire to create the best work environment possible for everyone. There are many things that can cause employee frustration, and some will be within your control while others won’t. For example, traffic noise and IT issues often cause workplace frustrations. Alternatively, a deeper issue with company culture or branding may be causing frustration. Employees typically learn to deal with these frustrations over time, but asking this question demonstrates your willingness to fix any highlighted issues. Definitely, asking about any workplace delays or frustrations allows you to tailor your workplace to all employees.

“Rate the Ways (Your Company) Uses Your Strengths.”

Asking employees to evaluate the ways your business uses their strengths and abilities lets them know their voices and opinions are valued. Often, well-performing employees feel senses of fulfillment when working on their teams. They’re adding value to the company, and they feel that. Provide these employees with opportunities to share their strengths, abilities, and expertise with the company as a whole. This way, they leave their comfort zones and improve their leadership qualities. Of course, asking employees to rate how the business uses their strengths improves morale via valuing their feedback and forces professional development.

There is a myriad of insightful employee culture survey questions for quality feedback. Ask whether employees are proud to work for your company to identify any internal issues. Inquire about employees’ career paths to reduce turnover via professional development that also increases the quality of employees. Third, ask about the employee suggestions they get from you and other managers to display your company’s value of their voices and opinions. Inquiring about anything causing frustrations or delays demonstrates your willingess to fix these issues and maintain a productive workplace. Finally, ask about how the business leverages employees’ strengths to provide value to their opinions and implement professional development. When searching for insightful employee culture survey questions for quality feedback, consider the questions described above.

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