6 Creative Employee Perks To Reward Productive Employees

In the modern job market, potential employees are not only searching for high paying salaries, but the best perks and benefits. As a business owner, utilize perk programs to boost employee morale, productivity, and bring exciting activities to the office. Developing perks programs for your employees will help strengthen employee relationships, and increase their ability to work together. Perks programs are often the best ways to show appreciation to, reward, and attract employees. Read this post to learn unique employee perks program ideas for your office.

Life Coaching

Consider bringing in a mentor or a life coach to speak with employees. Presentations from reputable mentors help to motivate employees to work hard and succeed. These increase employees’ mental health and ensures they are more focused while at work. Life coaches act as an employee perk that truly adds value to an employee’s day, and potentially even their career. By teaching motivational skills and tactics, mentors can greatly improve the productivity of your office, while also teaching life-long skills. Presentations by life coaches and mentors are great employee perks programs to motivate and refocus employees.

Healthy Snacks

Healthy snacks can additionally serve as a perk that increases office morale. Many companies assume that they need to order business lunches to motivate employees. Fortunately, you do not need to spend so much capital. You can simply offer healthy snacks. Providing free snacks to employees increases their productivity and willingness to be present at work. Additionally, conduct surveys to find out which snacks employees like best. Then, you can ensure that you choose the foods that will satisfy your workers. Consider offering extra snacks to employees who display the most productivity. Doing so provides employees with incentives and recognition for hard work. Healthy snacks make for an excellent employee perk program to show appreciation for your workers.

Company Retreats

Company retreats are an excellent perk program to reward productive employees. They are often company-wide, but can additionally be offered on a performance basis. It simply requires you to take employees out of the office, and enjoy activities not related with company operations. Offer taking employees to the beach, sporting events, or to hotels. Corporate retreats serve as an opportunity for employees to learn more about their coworkers, as well as to relax and unwind. When contemplating perk programs to implement, consider company retreats to show employees how much they are valued.

Product Discounts

Company-wide product discounts are an excellent perk program for your valued employees. Implement a discounting program to show your employees they are valued, and to reward them for their productivity. If your company produces popular goods and services, consider offering your employees a 30% discount on all purchases they make with your company. This serves as an excellent way to reward your employees while simultaneously boosting sales. If you do not want to offer discounts on company products, offer your employees savings at local businesses. You can easily negotiate employee discounts with service providers in your area. Find out the products and services each employee needs, then offer them savings where they frequently make purchases. In order to deploy the best perk programs into your business, consider offering your valued employees product discounts.

College Scholarships For Children

College scholarships can be another inciting perk program for your business. Many employees have children who want to pursue careers in business administration and various other subjects. Assist your employees in setting their kids up to pursue their dreams. If you do, you will attract a large number of prospective employees. Additionally, it will ensure that productive employees stay loyal to you. Annually allow employees to register to receive compensation for their studying children. Choose a recipient based on the students grades or the employee’s productivity. Consistently offering these scholarships ensures employees will be dedicated to being productive and successful during work hours. Consider implementing a perks program offering college scholarships to children of employees.

Small Business Programs

Implementing perk programs for small businesses can often prove to be a challenge. They often do not have the time or ability to provide extravagant trips or programs to their employees. Instead, consider offering employees a program that allows them certain days to work from home. Businesses who use this idea do not directly affect their productivity levels. Instead, they greatly improve employee attitudes. Additionally, offer employees ‘meal plans’ or invite employees to weekly lunches. Such small business practices help employees feel appreciated. They also make employees feel like they are part of the team. Implement these ideas and programs into your small business to increase employee productivity, teamwork, and enthusiasm.

The perks programs you offer truly speak about your company culture and employee appreciation. Provide employees with motivational presentations and guidance through life coaching. Offer employees healthy snacks in the office, and give them the opportunity to choose the snacks they receive. Frequently offer company retreats to increase employee relationships and teamwork. Furthermore, reward employees who are also parents of studying children with scholarships for college tuition. It is important to understand that you can offer programs regardless of the size of your business. Utilize these ideas when establishing employee perks program ideas for your office.

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