7 Small Business Trends To Increase Millennial Sales

Small business is the life blood of this country. Little companies are strewn all over our great land. They personalize our landscape and train our youth. Our teenagers learn respect, cleanliness and how to treat customers. This is how our next generation establishes life lessons that will span into their adulthood. The passion to serve customers and make people happy, thrives in our little market places, and our small hardware stores. This is what we celebrate on national small business week – the spirit of small businesses everywhere. Moreover, you don’t need a business expert to tell you that small business trends can help your business be successful. Let’s take a look at what we can learn from them.

5 Small Business Trends For Success

Treat your customers nicely. Respect goes a long way with anyone. Not every small biz customer gets up on the right side of the bed, and knowing this will help when you meet Mr. or Mrs. Grouchy. Take them and help them with your best smile ever even if they are exiting in a hurry. Guide them through whatever section they need. Most of the time you can defuse a troubled customer just by caring for their needs and they will never forget. A lot of them lose their anger as you help and they become a bit ashamed of their own attitude. This is a helpful small business trend that can be found on the latest small business blogs everywhere.

Keep your prices affordable. Having the highest prices in town only insures one thing will happen – the end of the year sale and closing your small business. To be a successful small business, find a profit margin that you can make a living on, keep restocking inventory, and retain customers. Managing your business finances is important to keep your products or services affordable. Keep up with small business insurance trends to guarantee protection financially. If you have a well developed business plan in place, you will have a much easier time managing your pricing and inventory for customers.

Become socially active with your online store and your Facebook page. Use your Facebook page for advertising and making sales. Work with your customer’s curiosity and keep things new online, as well as in the store. This is probably one of the most popular small business trends because it works. A lot of customers don’t have an hour to browse for what they are after. Just like online, they want to get to the isle, get what they need, and move on with the day. So tickle their inquisitiveness, keep things quick, and help them find what they need by providing your best deals on Facebook.

Be holiday fantastic! As the next holiday approaches, do something fun with it; whether it’s online, on the store front, or just dressing the part. This is a great way to show customers that you are engaged in their lives and have a strong company culture too. If you watch some of the latest movies for entrepreneurs, the coolest small businesses are doing fun things on the holidays.

Train your employee’s to be happy to see the customers. No matter what their home life is, they need to be handsomely dressed, clean shaven, hair well kept and ready to greet the public. When accepting new hire forms, employee presentation can play a huge factor on how customers evaluate a business. If you notice, it’s a smart small business trend to have a presentable team. They need to know customer service from top to bottom and when they are approached, they should be able to answer questions or at the very least, help the customer locate someone that knows.

The Front Line

Most products come with a description of their item and how it works. That is what customer service is for. How many times have you left a store because the service was awful? How many times have you been able to find what you need faster than the customer service rep. could– because they didn’t care? Exactly the point and you know that they should have been trained better.

Preach This

Mary Kay Ash preached over and over to her consultants, “Imagine your customer has a sign on the front of her that says, ‘Make me feel important’.” That is how you take care of each and every one…. Always. Not everyone will buy into that, but if you do, you will never fail.

She used a list everyday of her Mary Kay career. Choose six things that cannot be forgotten to be done the next day. As you complete them, mark them off. At the end of the day, whatever is left, place it on the list for the next day. Never more than six items, for six is the easiest to get done. If you follow that, with customer service that is beyond reproach, your recipe for success is under way.

Use Technology Trends

Technology cannot be forgotten. Keep with the trends and stay on top of that. It can only help your business to save time and money.

Millennials Mean Business

This is one of the most current and useful small business trends for owners to utilize. Millennials have reached the age where they are now the most prominent buyers. That means that in order to have great sales, you have to tap into this market. Not only are millennials the ones buying merchandise, they are also the ones changing how it is marketed! With the rise of the social media age, your business stands to get free advertising from every millennial sale you make. Why is that? Because millennials are more likely to share their visit to your store or the item they purchased online on their social media profiles. That means free advertising to their entire followers list. Millennials are one of the most important small business trends for small business owners to take notice and advantage of as soon as possible.

Stick With Business Ideas

There are thousands of ideas on the market to help you be successful with your business. Stay with the basics and grow, but keep those ideas alive. Stay up to date with millennial media to keep up with the fast-paced lives of newer generations. Then, you can effectively sell to them. Never lose the beginning of your success and pass it on. As long as those small business trends stay alive in your business, your business will stay alive. The best of luck to you! 

Use Social Media For Marketing

Since new generations use social media on a daily basis, business owners succeed when they implement marketing strategies through it. Social media platforms offer various ways to advertise and present sales pitches. For instance, Facebook has developed a feature called Facebook Live. This feature allows marketing teams to provide audiences with answers to questions as well as information on new and upcoming products. Platforms also offer social media content curation tools that optimize sales. Utilize social media’s ever-growing marketing tools and small business trends to do more business with younger generations.


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