Top Social Media Content Curation Tools For Marketing Professionals

Social media management is one of the most important tasks a marketing professional takes on in today’s digital age. It may even be more impactful than site optimization. Content curation is a huge part of that, and knowing how to curate content effectively is a learned skill. But, trying to start curating content can be difficult and time consuming if you do not know what tools to use. Simplify all your digital responsibilities by using these top social media content curation tools.


Pocket is one of the most popular social media content curation solutions in use today. The Pocket platform allows you to save content you find of value to share at a later time. This allows you a neat, organized way to plan your posts out without browsing through a huge list of bookmarks. Pocket helps you organize content by tags and allows you to search your whole catalog of content to find articles easily. In addition, the marketing tool integrates with over 500 other applications. That is why Pocket will definitely help streamline your workflow.


Feedly is another helpful tool for content curators out there. This business software is similar to Google Reader. It allows you to curate content using keywords, topics and domains. In addition, you can organize your articles and other content into boards based on topic, or whatever classification you set. Feedly also allows you to flag content to read later if for some reason you need to run before you can read those posts with the intriguing content titles. With the free Feedly account version, you can organize up to 100 feeds and share to your social media accounts. If you want a tool that helps you organize content for later sharing or reading, consider Feedly.


Scoop.It can simplify content curation tasks for any marketing professional. It is a straightforward platform that is incredibly easy for anybody to use. You can use this content curation tool to quickly find articles that are shareworthy and relevant to your account. In addition, the platform offers content recommendations based on categories you select when you create your account. even allows you to pull content from other users. This software comes in both free and paid subscription versions. If you want free content curation tools, this is only a solution to consider if you have no more than two social media accounts and do not mind tracking just one single topic.


Crate is a different content curation tool. It is one of the few big data solutions tailored to social media management. The software uses social media big data to find the best articles that will offer maximum shareability for your followers. You can use it easily find the best articles on the web in no time at all. All you have to do is create an account, and then create a Crate. Create your Crate by selecting any number of tags, keywords, domains or even usernames. Then, the tool goes out to find you content related to your Crate. If you want one of the best free social media content curation tools that make your life so much easier in a number of ways, consider creating a Crate account.


When it comes to social media management tools, ContentGems is one of the diamonds in the rough. Although it is not a program many social media managers are familiar with, it is certainly one you will want to learn more about. Kraft uses this platform to find valuable content as quickly as possible. You can use the ContentGems tool to monitor upwards of 200,000 news sources. Then, the software delivers you filtered results with only the best content that your target audience is sure to love. You can also use the platform to share your own content, share others’ content and share comments. If you want content management tools that are made for professional social media marketers, ContentGems is one of the best social media tools out there.

If you need to find the best social media management tools to curate content for your followers, consider the platforms and programs above. These top social media content curation solutions are sure to streamline operations and make it simple to find and share great content easily. If you have any other social media content curation tools you enjoy, share them in the comments below. Your fellow social media marketing professionals and influencers are sure to appreciate the assistance.

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