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Planning an event is made easier through event management software. This utilizes technology to help organize and integrate all of the event planning tools you need. Rather than lose track of disjointed spreadsheets and emails, marketing professionals should use event planning software. To learn more about this technology and the top five features you should look for, keep reading below.

Budget Management

The first feature you want to look for in event planning software is budget management. A corporate or client event usually requires a specific budget. For larger events, like a Sale Lease Back deal event, you might have a larger budget than usual. This technology can make it easier by helping to track your expenses as you go. To have a successful event, get a clear and accessible idea of how much money you have to spend.

Event Registration

Another important feature that you will need is event registration. Maintaining a list of attendees and RSVPs can be easier than ever with event management software. Of course, your invitation responses should be logged in an easy to read format with valid endpoint security. With proper organization, you can tell at a glance how people are responding. Additionally, some event management programs may allow you to create a registration web page for interested parties to RSVP as well.

Event Promotion

Event promotion is another key aspect of any event planning program. This technology should provide you with different ways to advertise, market and promote your event. Whether you are at a trade show booth or local vendors event, the software should offer you a range of promotion features. For example, some event planning software allows you to stream event footage to Facebook or YouTube. Others give you the tools to make your very own event webpage. Whatever you choose, it is important that you have a way to spread the word.

Task Management

Although this feature is not specifically centered around event planning, task management is another great feature to have. When you have a variety of responsibilities to handle, sometimes a simple task manager can do wonders. See our LogMeIn review for a similar feature outlook. Look for a software program that has an easy to use to-do list feature. Certainly, this will help you keep track of everything from the most minute details to the biggest jobs.

Mobile Integration

Finally, another essential feature for event planning software is mobile integration. Marketing professionals are often on the go. A mobile app that integrates with your software keeps you connected. There is no use in having event planning software for your sales training courses without a corresponding app. This will allow you to check attendance responses on the go, manage your to-do list and keep track of your budget without being tied to your computer. If you find yourself busy and out of office often, be sure to look for an event planning program that has mobile integration options.

Top Event Management Software

If you are looking for a solution that has all the features mentioned above, you need to look at only the best event management software. However, you will also need to consider your own concerns. Do you need an affordable event management software that does not require a wealth investment? Or, are you more worried about finding the most user-friendly event management software? iVvy Event Management software is a perfect low-cost solution with a ton of useful event planning features. Ticketbud software, on the other hand, is the most-user friendly solution to consider. Think about your personal preferences and requirements to find the best event management software to meet your needs.

Event management is a stressful task, but it can be made easier through the use of technology, unlike even the best trade show booths. If you are looking to make your event planning easier, consider getting software that has all of the features above. Budget management and promotion tools are essential to ensuring a successful event. Additionally, task management and mobile integration tools can improve your experience. They provide simplified, accessible ways to keep track of your event. If you are considering event management software, be sure that it has all five of these features.

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