Best Trade Show Booths Use These Top 6 Marketing Event Best Practices


Trade shows are a viable way for small business owners to reach hundreds of new customers. The key is to have one of the best trade show booths. This will ensure that clients remember your business. Just like there are best methods for how to get more Facebook likes, there are similar tips to make your trade show booth successful. Here are five secrets of the best trade shows booths for your next public event.

Light And Bright

The best trade show booths have good lighting. Be sure to scout out the venue before the show. See what sort of lighting is available in the area you plan to set up shop. If the venue’s lighting is inadequate, improvise! This is a key strategy of a corporate event planner who has to work with the space that he or she has. Bring string lights or a spotlight to highlight your booth. If your booth is in a dark corner, pay for a better location. Be sure your graphics and displays are all bright and engaging. The best trade show booths are well-lit and make use of engaging colors.

Arrange “Attendees”

While this may seem like a shady business tactic, it actually only a practical one. The “pack mentality” is well-researched, and it applies to trade show booths as well. Customers are more likely to visit your booth if they see other people already engaged there. Be sure to bring some colleagues to come to the show as attendees. Ask them to mill about your booth, looking interested and asking questions. Bringing some coworkers to act as trade show attendees and generate interest for your booth.

Bring Your Best Swag

Customers love free stuff. The best trade show booths offer free gifts to every business traveler. More importantly, they have the best and most unique free gifts. Avoid the boring pens and key chains. Give out useful items branded with your logo. USB drives and phone chargers are small but effective. Make the event exciting by giving out raffle tickets to win a free iPad. Try something unique like giving out a clue for a scavenger hunt. The more interesting your giveaways, the more people will talk about your booth. Remember to bring your best swag if you want to be one of the best trade show booths.

Actively Use Social Media

The best trade show booths actively use social media marketing at the event. Have something unique at your booth that will attract attention. Then use the opportunity to take photos with customers. Get your potential client’s name and upload the picture to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Make sure to tag them with a nice thank you saying after receiving their approval. This will connect you and the customer, of course. However, more importantly,  it will automatically show up in their social media feed for friends and colleagues to see as well. Keep your phone handy so you can respond to questions while the trade show is going on. If you want one of the best trade show booths, make sure you are actively using social media at the show.

Offer Convenience

Make your trade show booth one of the best by offering a free, convenient place for customers to charge their phone. Clients will remember you for saving them the hassle of finding an outlet or carrying around a dead phone. It also gives you a chance to talk with them while they wait for their phone to charge. You may also choose to give out water or soft drinks to customers. This way they will not have to leave the trade show area if they get thirsty. If you want to be one of the best trade show booths, offer something free and convenient to your potential clients.

Have An Engaging Booth

Make sure you have one of the best trade show booths by having an engaging booth that is relevant to your product. Display your product prominently. Take it out of the custom packaging and let people play with it. Get rid of the table. Tables put a barrier between you and your customer. Use digital images where possible, but make your message clear. Be wary of cluttering your space with too much information. A good rule of thumb is to leave 40% blank space. Make sure to remember to say thank you to everyone that comes to your booth. These simple tips can help to set you apart from the crowd. The best trade show booths are interesting and give customers a chance to try your product.

The best trade show booths are interactive experiences for customers. Make sure you bring your best people to engage your audience and leave them smiling. In addition, use only the best online printing companies for any and all signage you need. Remember this post when planning for your next event. You will be sure to have one of the best booths at the trade show.

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