Unexpected Robo Calling Advantages For Modern Day Business Owners


Robo calling is contacting potential customers using telephone calls with pre-recorded messages. Often used by political campaigns during election season, they are also popular among telemarketing companies used by all types of businesses from lawn care companies to pet groomers. Public opinion of robo calling is generally low because they are impersonal. There have also been scams and phishing attacks conducted by robo calling companies. Despite these negative facts, you may wish to use robo calling for your next marketing campaign. Here are the top four reasons to do so.

Robo Calling Is Cheap

When planning your next marketing campaign, you will need to consider a budget. Robo calling is extremely cheap. We are talking pennies per call, possibly even less. It is significantly cheaper than hiring a person to make phone calls. You could potentially reach 100,000 people for $1,500. This is cheaper than most billboards. It is also much cheaper than many social media marketing campaigns. If you are looking for an inexpensive marketing option, you may wish to consider robo calling.

Robo Calling Actually Works

The biggest issue with marketing is finding a method that reaches its target audience and wins customers. Many traditional marketing methods are difficult to track. Robo calling is actually surprisingly successful. It involves casting a very wide net for potential customers. Customer response is only in the low 20% range. However, this is still good. Robo calling actually has a high return on investment. It is so inexpensive to launch. If you are looking for a marketing campaign with good value for money, consider robo calling.

It Is Not Annoying Anymore

Many business owners think of robo calling services as annoying for the customer and detrimental to business. However, there are now robo calling services that will not annoy potential customers at all. These new services will actually help you to improve your KPIs. Many telemarketing service providers now offer ring-less voicemail services. That means that the person’s phone will never ring and interrupt their day. Instead, the call will go straight to voicemail and leave the message there. This enables potential customers to listen to your message at their own leisure. It also guarantees that the call gets through and actually listened to. This is a huge advantage of robo calling that many are unaware of.

Reputable Companies Are Doing It Now

In truth, a lot of people do not care for robo calling. It is impersonal. It can be distracting to answer the phone, only to hear a recorded message. Unfortunately, there are some companies that use robo calling to spam clients and phish for information. The good news is that there are now ethical robo calling companies promising to change public opinion. In direct response to customer complaints, these companies have strict policies to not only obey all laws, but to also operate with a high code of conduct. If you are concerned about using robo calling for your marketing campaign because it seems disreputable, fear not! Look for robo calling organizations with ethical practices that understand customer complaints.

New Technology Can Avoid Illegal Calls

In addition to customer opinion, there are concerns about the legality of robo calling. Some states have specific laws requiring a live operator introduce a robo call. It is currently illegal to robo call a cell phone. Given the prevalence of cell phones, this may give you pause. However, technology exists that can weed out illegal robo calling. Lists of commonly used cell phone exchanges are available to avoid contacting anything but a land line. There are also “do not call” lists. Robo calling companies can cross-reference these lists to avoid contacting customers that have opted out. If legality is a concern for your marketing campaign, as it should be, you can use a robo calling company with the right technology to obey all laws.

Robo calling is not a publicly popular marketing technique. However, it is a viable option, especially if you are looking to start a computer repair business. It is inexpensive and has a high return on investment. If you have concerns about legal and ethical issues, there are robo calling companies that understand customer concerns and obey all laws. Use this post to determine if robo calling is the right method for your next marketing campaign.

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