How To Find Expired Blog Domains To Improve Your SEO

Many SEO savvy individuals use expired blog domains in order to drive traffic to their websites. As a business blogger looking to rank higher on search engine results, you need to know how to find domains that improve your SEO. Whether you are creating a travel blog or you already manage a handful of retail blogs, you need quality SEO practices in place to succeed. While there are many services out there that list expired domains for sale, you may spend hours looking for blog sites to no avail. However, there are steps you can take to discover expired domain names that suit your blogging needs. Keep reading to learn how to find expired blog domains to improve your SEO.

Hunt Using Keywords

When you look for expired blog domains to take over, start by hunting from keywords with high SEO value. There are many software programs that enable you to find expired domains through keyword searches. Simply type a few keywords from your industry into the search bar and the program will generate a list of expired pages currently ranking for those words. This allows you to choose a domain that is already SEO friendly and likely to bring in traffic. Act quickly, though. As more people go to the page only to find a 301 error, the SEO value of that domain will begin to drop. If you are looking for expired blog domains, start by running a keyword search to find sites that are currently ranking high on searches.

Use A Bulk Domain Search

Another great way to find expired blog domains to improve your SEO is to use a bulk domain search. Find a website that offers bulk domain search and type in a list of domain names to see if they are expired. If you have been keeping tabs on different blog domains you are interested in acquiring, this is an easy way to find out if the owner has lapsed on renewal. Bulk domain search websites typically include information such as how long the domain has been expired, availability and price. These sites also provide traffic analytics. When you are looking for expired blog domains, use a bulk domain search site to find a list of options. Then, you can improve your SEO and make money from a blog.

Use A Backlink Research Tool

If you want to ensure you are acquiring a quality blog domain, use a backlink research tool to see how accessible the domain is from other sites. This is important because you want a domain that brings in a lot of traffic even if people are not looking for your site directly. Having these links is crucial for SEO. Select the domain you are interested in as well as a few competitor sites and run a backlink check. This allows you to compare the quality of the domain’s backlinks with those of sites you compete against. Ensure the backlinks for the domain you want are all high quality because spam or unnatural links may result in penalties from the search engine. When you find a few great candidates for blog domains, use a back link research tool to ensure it has ideal SEO value.

Search For Older Domains

Another smart tactic for finding expired blog domains with great SEO is to search for older domains. While you may find numerous expired domains that fulfill your needs, you want to choose more aged domains. Older domains carry higher SEO value than newer ones. The reason is that they have been around longer, allowing more people to access them. However, you do not want an old domain that has been expired for a long time. The perfect storm for you would be a finely aged domain that has only recently expired. As you search for expired blog domains to take over, search for older domains that already have a reputation.

Open Yourself To Other Domain Options

Even though you are looking for an expired blog domain, do not rule out other domain options to improve your SEO. If you cannot find a blog domain that fits your needs, consider acquiring a domain in an adjacent industry. Use this domain to drive 301 errors to a domain that you built from scratch. This allows you to capitalize on the SEO value of a domain without having to actually run it. Alternatively, this domain can be used to build an authority site for your niche market to drive traffic. However you decide to use this domain, know that being open to other types of domains gives you options for driving traffic. If you cannot find expired blog domains that suit your requirements, leave yourself open to other domain options.

As a business blogger, you want to use expired blog domains to drive traffic to your sites. Finding the perfect expired domain is just as important as blog post planning. As you look for domains, start by running a keyword search and using bulk domain search tools to find high ranking sites within your niche. Use a backlink research tool to find domains with high quality links. As you search, look for recently expired older domains because they come with an established audience. Finally, if all else fails, leave yourself open to other domain options to drive traffic to your existing site. Follow this advice to find expired blog domains to improve your SEO.

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