5 Steps For Creating A Travel Blog Name For Your Startup

Entrepreneurs looking to create a travel blog struggle with coming up with a quality name for it. With all of the travel blogs already published online, entrepreneurs like yourself often feel that their options are limited. While this is true to a certain extent, you can still develop a unique, catchy travel blog name. If you take the right steps to choose a name, you can make money from a blog. Read on to learn the steps for creating a travel blog name for your startup.

Choose A Specific Blog Topic

To begin creating a travel blog name, choose a specific blog topic. While travel is a particular niche that you want to pursue, it is not specific enough in the blogging world. Consider the different topics that lie within the realm of travel blogging. Your options include camping food, family travel and international adventures. You can even focus on targeting business travelers. By focusing on what exactly your blog will hone in on, you can come up with a title that effectively describes your brand. Thus, this step is crucial for creating a travel blog name for your startup.

Consider Competitors’ Blog Names

After you determine a specific category for your blog, consider your competitors’ blog names. If you choose to build a blog about family travel, look up the best family travel blogs online. Click on the sites that pop up on your search engine. When browsing through them, pay close attention to similarities in their names. If the top family travel blogs all include the word “family” in their names, it would be wise to do the same. In addition to the words used, identify the style of language the blogs use in both their names and content. Your blog name needs to portray the same style in order to effectively reach the audience both you and your competitors aim to target. Your competitors’ blog names can provide substantial insight into what your blog name should look like.

Research Keywords

Successful travel bloggers research relevant keywords when coming up with their blog names. After all, you need to adhere to what your target audience wants. If consumers are constantly searching the word “experiences” when looking for travel information, it might be a good word to incorporate into your title. Discover the most searched travel-related words to better understand what your potential audience members look for. Additionally, avoid using keywords for other types of blogs. If you do use irrelevant keywords, you might end up increasing your page views. However, the viewers will not remain on your site for long because it will likely not provide them with what they were looking for. Reach your target audience by researching relevant keywords when creating a travel blog name.

Check Social Media

Also, check social media when you begin creating a travel blog name. The most profitable travel bloggers open accounts on various social media platforms to market their blogs. With that being said, you need to ensure that the name you want to use for your travel blog is not already being used on social media. Look into channels including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Many entrepreneurs also develop a LinkedIn strategy to claim their brands online. If you do create a blog name that is already being used on these platforms, you will not be able to properly market your brand. You will have to come up with a different name for your social accounts, which can cause brand confusion. Prevent missing out on quality marketing opportunities by checking social media before deciding on a travel blog name.

Write A Shortlist Of Names

Finally, write a shortlist of names for your travel blog. List the relevant keywords that you discovered. Then, come up with other unique words that you could use to differentiate your blog from the others already published online. Begin combining these words to generate potential names for your travel blog. Many entrepreneurs include their own names in their blog titles as well. If you think that adding your name into the mix would benefit your brand, mix it into your options. Once you have a shortlist of names, take your time and choose the best one. Those who do succeed in creating a travel blog name that earns them a profit.

In order to achieve your entrepreneurial goals through creating a travel blog, you need to come up with an effective name. To do so, first choose a specific topic within the travel blog genre. Then, analyze your competitors’ blog names to gain insight into what consumers want. Research relevant keywords to boost your traffic right from the start. Check social media platforms to determine what names are already off-limits. Lastly, write out a shortlist of names by combining keywords and words to differentiate your blog from others. These steps assist entrepreneurs in creating a travel blog name for their new brands.

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