5 Document Filing Systems Features To Improve Efficiency

Having organizational systems in place is the best way to maximize office efficiency. When business files and documents are stored logically and neatly, it makes it much easier to find them at a glance. That is important for an office manager, like you. You need to know the best document filing systems to maximize productivity for a business. Otherwise, it would be impossible for you to exceed in your management role. Find out how to choose a document management system that maximizes employee efficiency and overall productivity in the post below.

Cloud Access

One thing you need to consider is whether or not the document management systems you are considering are cloud-based. Cloud based document filing systems offer much more convenient access for everyone in and out of the office. When everyone can access important business documents and files at anytime, they work better and faster. Ultimately, that will do wonders to improve business efficiency in the office, as long as you remember to put online privacy measures in place. Consider this before your purchase to successfully boost employee productivity with an efficient system.


Monitoring tools will also go a long way to improve employee efficiency. That is why you need to find document filing systems with monitoring features. These tools offer insight into who is accessing what files and when. Ultimately, that will help office managers like yourself ensure that employees are staying on-task through the entire work day. All it requires is a quick glance at their file accessing history. Choose the best document filing systems that have access monitoring tools included to maximize employee productivity and office efficiency all at once.


Without question, you need a document management system that includes tools to set permissions for various business files. Otherwise, all of the most sensitive business data could be widely available to all employees. That makes the business extremely vulnerable to cyber threats of all kinds. Permission setting features make it easy to limit certain types of business documents to certain employees. It helps to make the office filing system safer. Without it, the downtime from a single cyber attack will ruin business efficiency and productivity for quite some time. Avoid these issues and make it quick and easy to set permissions by finding the best document management system software that includes these tools.


File sharing tools will make it much easier for employees to collaborate. This is something you should bear in mind when choosing a filing system for the office. Not all document management software includes support for shared folders. But if you want to maximize employee productivity, these tools are critical for unified communication and collaboration. They allow staff to easily collaborate to produce more efficient results for business. Find document filing systems that support sharing and collaboration.

Optical Character Recognition

The best document management system software will include optical character recognition technology. What is OCR technology? OCR, or optical character recognition, is what makes it possible to scan a document and make it text-searchable on your device. Document management systems with OCR tools make it much easier for employees to find the information they need quickly. That makes them more efficient and more productive workers. Make sure you only choose the business document filing systems that include OCR features to earn these advantages.

All businesses could benefit from the best document management filing systems software to give employee productivity, office paper recyling and office efficiency a boost. As an office manager, you should make sure to find the right tools to do this for your office. Find the best document filing systems by considering the details mentioned above. Cloud-access, monitoring, permissions, sharing and optical character recognition features are some of the most crucial components of any document filing system software to help you achieve these end results at your office. Go find an office filing solution that has them.

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