6 Co-Working Space Features To Build A Productive Workplace

Co-working spaces are offices designated as places where people can come together not only to do their work tasks, but also to collaborate and gain inspiration. These co-working environments offer independent professionals office or desk rental space and other business interior amenities. Although the co-working concept has been around for a few years, the spaces themselves might be challenging to find in every city.

You may be wondering “is buying office space the best decision for your startup?”. After all, office spaces do promote growth. If you’re a professional who wants to start a co-working space for you and others to enjoy in your city’s downtown district, consider the following features your space needs to have.

Attractive Location

For you and other independent professionals to want to use a co-working space, you need to have an ideal location. A building in a downtown area makes a good choice for a co-working space, but downtown itself shouldn’t be the only qualifier.

Look for a place close to public transportation sites such as bus, subway, and train stations. A variety of restaurants and a printing shop within walking distance also make desirable features. Consider everything you could need or want during a day at work, and ensure that you and your co-working members can get to those places easily from your space.

24/7 Access

24/7 access is a must for any coworking space professionals, like small business start up owners, will actually consider. This may seem like a simple thing that you can do without, especially since many young professionals work remotely. However, business owners want to have access to their office at any time of day they need, for emergencies or just because they are more productive during odd hours. This is a basic need as a business owner. If professionals are paying for the best coworking spaces, they want to be able to use them whenever they want or need. Make sure any shared office spaces you open allow business owners and professionals access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ample Parking Spaces

When you think you have found the perfect site for your co-working space, check out the parking situation. Make sure you have ample parking spaces for all of your employees, your members, and their clients.

Ample parking can include an attached parking lot, street parking, or public parking areas. Some parking solutions companies, such as National Parking, can offer you customized approaches to help you address any parking challenges.

Meeting Space

Independent professionals who want to join a co-working space may not be able to afford a place of their own to work and meet with clients. When creating a co-working space, make sure you set aside a private area for meetings. If the building space you are occupying has an existing conference room in it, install a table large enough to seat several people in a group. If you don’t have an actual conference room, then make sure to create a quiet area inside your co-working space for meetings. Look into the top office interior design tips to make your meeting space comfortable for your workers.

Wi-Fi Access

Wi-Fi access is an absolute must for any co-working office space. Without it, no one will want to spend time in your space. During a workday, you’ll likely have multiple people using the Wi-Fi network at the same time, so you’ll want to be on a unified technologies network that supplies fast and reliable internet access. You may also need to have multiple Wi-Fi routers placed through the office to ensure internet connectivity for everyone.


To successfully build a productive co-working environment, keep safety features in mind. As an entrepreneur, you need to ensure that your business property remains safe. More so, you need to provide a safe space for your employees. Equip your space with surveillance cameras and choose an office building with quality door locks. Whether you are starting up an automotive business or a law firm, job seekers desire secure workplaces. If your office space is not secure, prospective employees will not want to work for you. For this reason, look for a secure co-working space.

Choosing to take part in the co-working space trend and open a co-working office space of your own is exciting, but the experience can be nerve-racking if you have never done it before. If you include the above must-have features and benefits in your new downtown co-working space, you are likely to succeed and create a place where independent professionals in your community want to work. Good luck!

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