6 Office Interiors Upgrades That Increase Productivity Levels

Your office space is just as important to your business as the work you do there. The atmosphere you create has a big impact on employee morale, which also affects productivity. Equally as important, it has a big impact on how customers perceive your brand, which affects sales. Some design choices you make can even affect your maintenance and utility costs, which can save you money or raise your bills. It’s time you take a serious look at your office space and consider whether you need to make the following important upgrades.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are both attractive and energy efficient. They come in a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors, allowing you to create any look you like. With the right Can Choice vinyl windows replacement in Toronto, you can create an office space that appears larger and more inviting, which will make a great impression on customers.

The design of vinyl windows also helps to regulate the internal temperature of your office. That means that you’ll spend far less money on energy bills, unlike blinds cost, and you’ll maintain a more comfortable temperature for your clients. Your entire office will be more inviting to clients thanks to a simple windows replacement.

Air Fresheners

If you want to upgrade your office on the cheap, invest in some air freshener. When it comes to office interiors, everyone thinks about the visual aesthetic. However, the aroma of your office is just as important, especially in a co-working space. If your office smells unpleasant, people will be too busy wondering where the bad odor is coming from to actually get their work done. Some scents can even improve accuracy and productivity. Lemon, for example, can lead to 54% fewer errors, while peppermint can improve alertness and focus. If you want to upgrade office interiors for your building, consider investing in some office aromatherapy or other air fresheners.

Tile Floors

Carpets, even ones from the experts like Abbey Carpet, get dirty easily and can retain odors. Hardwood floors can quickly become scratched and dulled as a result of all the foot traffic you experience in an office. Tile floors are durable enough to withstand most staining, scratching and other damage. That means that they create a beautiful look without requiring a lot of upkeep. You’ll make a good impression on your clients, and you’ll save money on maintenance.

Not all tile is created alike, and some can look tacky and cheap. Work with a designer to choose the right tile to create the right impression for your brand. If you plan on relocating your business, look into the flooring of serviced offices near you.


Lighting has a huge impact on your business. The right lighting will make your office look big, open and professional. The right lighting will also positively influence the mood of your employees, which can improve their morale and make them more productive.

Choosing the right lighting is a lot more complicated than deciding between recessed lighting and track lighting. You have to choose the style of lighting, the type (such as fluorescent or incandescent), and the design. You should absolutely work with a professional lighting or interior designer to ensure that you meet your goals. A professional can get a sense of your style and your space and make recommendations for success. Learn what color to paint your office as well to create a well-lit, appropriately colored workspace.

Movable Walls

Why does your office interior need an upgrade to moving walls? Movable walls will help to make your office space more efficient and will definitely improve business time management statistics. You will be better suited to make the best use of your office space by allowing walls to be adjusted according to your needs for the day. If you have a big meeting but not a large enough room to house all those expected to attend, a movable wall can help prevent a disaster of disorganization. This can also help to improve employee collaboration and communication. So if you want to make the most of any office interiors, make sure to plan for movable walls in your office design.


Lastly, business owners upgrade their office interior by purchasing plants. Many employees feel more comfortable in workplaces decorated with greenery. In addition, plants improve air quality in office spaces as well. For these reasons, plants increase motivation in the office. As a result, employees produce higher quality work. You can choose the plants that you want to add to your space. However, it is advised to opt for easy to care for ones. In doing so, you will create a more productive workspace. Once you have a plant-filled space, consider implementing an employee recognition program to boost productivity levels further.

Creating a successful business is about much more than your product, customer service, or even company team building. You also need to think about the image you are creating, from your business cards to your actual business space. Making improvements to your office space can make it more enjoyable for both employees and customers, which can improve your profitability. At the same time, you can save money on utility costs and maintenance.


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