5 Field Service Scheduling Software Features For Your Business

There are many advanced features field service scheduling software can offer your small business in 2020. Field service scheduling software can help your business manage and optimize field work activities. As a project manager, you understand the importance of allocating field tasks to employees and monitoring their performance. If you are looking for a solution to assist in deployment, equipment safety maintenance, cleaning, and repairs, field service management software may be exactly what you need. With it, utility companies and service-oriented businesses can functionally dispatch workers and track material resources by job. Read on to learn about the top five features field service scheduling software can offer your small business in 2020.

Technician Tracking

One essential feature of 2020 field service scheduling software to optimize your small business service processes is technician tracking. Typically, visual scheduling service software integrates with GPS tracking software. This allows you to schedule service technicians based on their proximity to incoming work orders. Many software has a map view as well as a work order list view to reflect worker location, availability, and work order status. You can also segment work orders into customizable categories based on the type of service needed at the field site. These tracking methods allow you to have organized scheduled dispatching. Technician tracking is an essential feature for your company’s 2020 field service scheduling software.


Estimating is another crucial feature of your field management software to streamline your small business operations. In 2020, you need to be able to generate accurate quotes efficiently to maintain your customer satisfaction rates. This software allows you to work with the latest catalog pricing calculations. In this way, you can update your estimates in real time. Field scheduling software also provides detailed cost breakdowns that you can apply across multiple quotes. You are able to view your sales progress so you can make data-driven decisions for your company. With these modern estimating field service scheduling software features, you can optimize your client quoting procedures.

Workforce Mobilization

Workforce mobilization is another key feature to look for in your business’s field service scheduling software. Many software options include an app that service technicians can download on their mobile devices. With this app, field workers can create faster invoicing processes by collecting customer signatures on-site. Moreover, they can also see material checklists, capture pictures, and read barcodes on the job. It enables them to route and map customer work orders as well. In these ways, the mobile app ensures efficiency and productivity from technicians, subcontractors, and installers. Workforce mobilization is a major feature of top small business 2020 field service management software.

Inventory Management

Moreover, inventory management is a vital field software tool to help manage your business’s service projects. Many field service scheduling software is complete with barcodes, scanners, RFID tags, and IoT-connected devices to optimize your company’s material assets. By providing technicians with a real-time view of your business’s inventory, your employees can reduce the number of warehouse trips. This can significantly increase their efficiency and allow them to complete more jobs within the work week. Techs can also utilize this information to keep a supply of common needed parts on-hand. With inventory management, field service management systems can boost employee productivity in your business.

Communication Tools

Communication tools are essential for 2020 field service scheduling software to advance your small business’s processes. It can be difficult to be in constant contact with your employees without causing productivity loss. Fortunately, with a field service management software system, communication features are often built in. For example, chats, discussion boards, and in-app customer directories can greatly improve customer and employee communication. Ideally, you should be able to monitor who read your messages and push notifications to technicians who have not. This way, you can ensure that all of your employees are on the same page. Communication tools are vital when choosing a field service scheduling system for your company.

There are several developed features field service scheduling software can offer your small business in 2020. One vital asset of this software is technician tracking to optimize dispatching procedures. In addition, you need a software that estimating capabilities, so you can streamline customer quotes. Workforce mobilization is another crucial feature service technicians can use to increase productivity. Many field service scheduling systems also have inventory management capabilities to save your employees trips to the warehouse throughout the day. Furthermore, communication tools are essential to maintain efficient and precise contracting services. Consider these top features field service scheduling software can offer your business in 2020.

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