When To File A DBA Business Name For Alternative Branding Options

Many business owners do not operate a business that shares their own legal name. However, only some of these business owners actually have to file a DBA, while others do not. To find out whether or not you will need to file a DBA for your business, keep reading below. Here, we cover all you need to know about fictitious business names and filing a DBA.

What Is A DBA?

DBA stands for Doing Business As. A Doing Business As form is required by business owners intending to operate their business with a trade name, trading name, business name, or other pseudonym. For example, if your business is legally registered under the name My Business LLC, and you intend to market and advertise as Cookies 4 U, you will need to file a Doing Business As form. However, this is only true in some states. You will definitely need to learn more about whether or not your state requires DBAs before you begin worry about coupon management software.

What States Require DBA Forms?

New Mexico is the only state that requires no fictitious business name filings at all. However, the many other states that require these forms all have different procedures and requirements. Some states require a single application submitted to the Secretary of State. Other states require DBA applications for sole proprietorships and general partnerships but not for corporations, LLCs or LLPs. Make sure you research what the fictitious business names requirements are for your particular state before you start doing business.

How Much Will It Cost To File A DBA?

Filing a DBA will cost you. These DBA costs will obviously vary by state. They will also not cost you nearly as much as a patent attorney. However, it is important to keep this in mind when devising your startup budget. You can use online legal services, like LegalZoom, to complete the fictitious business name registration process. However, that will cost you over a hundred dollars. Consider your options and factor these into your budget before opening your business.

When Do I Need To File By?

There is no specific filing deadline for DBA forms. However, this process should definitely be complete before you conduct any business under your trade name. Some states will allow you a grace period using the business name for a short time. However, it is best not to wait. Make sure you file your DBA as soon as possible, so you can start conducting business under your pseudonym right away.

Why Do I Need To File?

Filing a DBA allows consumers to establish trust and confidence in your business. When customers do not have access to all the information, they may feel swindled or cheated. That is why it is best to always be honest and up front with your customers. When you file a DBA, you allow everyone in your area to know all there is to know about your business operations. This is a must for new businesses looking to establish consumer trust and avoid customer complaints. Make sure you remember this.

If you are an entrepreneur, there are many different forms and applications that require filing before starting your own business. A DBA form, or Doing Business As form, is one of the lesser known requirements for opening a business. Use this post as a guide to learn all you can before you have to file a DBA with your state for your business. This is sure to help prepare your business for success.

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