Best Executive MBA Programs For A Personalized Business Education That Fosters Success


Financial Times Ranking is considered a credible source for finding out which are the best business education programs. Every year, Financial Times publishes seven different rankings related to business education. These rankings include MBA, EMBA, Masters in Finance and Masters in Management. Additionally, online MBA programs are ranked by Financial Times.

Due to busy schedules, recent business graduates are choosing executive MBA programs over full time MBA programs. Pursuing an executive MBA course allows business graduates to hold a day job and receive executive training while supporting the costs of further education. In many cases, corporate employers offer executive MBA opportunities, improving employee performance. With the program being available in so many options, it is clear why you should get an MBA. To help you in choosing the right course, this post lists top executive MBA programs according to Financial Times ranking reports.

Booth School of Business, University Of Chicago

The Booth Business School at the University of Chicago offers one of the best executive MBA programs offered in the United States to turn ordinary business executives into expert growth hackers. Their full-time enrollment numbers hover around 1,200 students, promising accepted applicants a personalized education that offers the support business professionals need to succeed in a cut throat industry. Tuition is almost $67,000 a year, though. If you are not the most well-off person financially, you may need to apply for grants, scholarships and loans in order to afford the executive MBA program at the U of Chicago. But, worry about that once you are accepted. Out of 4,000 applicants, just about 900 will be offered admission. So go ahead and apply to the Booth School of Business and hope for the best. Then, you can worry about how you are going to pay for the program once you actually get accepted.

Insead, Tsinghua University

One of the world’s leading business graduate schools, Insead at Tsinghua University tops the Financial Times Ranking of best executive MBA programs for those who could never imagine having a tradesperson career. The Tsinghua-Insead EMBA program enrolls experienced and talented executives from all over the world. Presently, Insead offers its modular executive MBA program across three campuses in France, Singapore and Abu Dhabi. Each of Insead’s executive MBA programs have great cultural diversity, bringing together top performing executives from different continents. As a result, the executives get a chance to develop a strong global network through unparalleled exposure. Furthermore, executives attend classes in all three campuses of Insead. All in all, Insead has designed its executive MBA program to assist the professional growth of executives.


Kellogg-HKUST has received top ranking from Financial Times six times for its executive MBA program. In 2015, Financial Times has ranked Kellogg-HKUST to the second best institution to get your executive MBA degree for a finance degree worldwide. The best part about Kellogg-HKUST executive program is that participants can complete their global electives at any of the Kellogg partner schools. US based executives can choose to complete their global electives at the Evanston Campus of Kellogg-HKUST in Chicago. Moreover, Kellogg-HKUST’s executive MBA program has been designed around weekend blocks. As a result, students can pursue their individual careers while studying. Surely, joining Kellogg-KHUST’s executive MBA program will help in enhancing your functional and managerial skills.

Trium: HEC Paris/LSE/New York University: Stern

Ranked third by Financial Times, the Trium Executive MBA program aims to transform the professional perspective of executives, honing their skills. New York University, Stern School of Business, London School of Economics and Political Science and HEC Paris School of Management have come together to launch this executive MBA program. To facilitate comprehensive learning, Trium Executive MBA program engages world-class professors. Moreover, its advanced curriculum includes important aspects of business leadership like advanced strategies and marketing, enabling you to become a top business advisor. Apart from excellent learning experience, Trium Executive MBA program offers the chance to get introduced to global business leaders. Students can develop their professional networks, building life long professional contacts. Above all, Trium Executive MBA program offers the necessary tools executives need to excel in their career.

EMBA Global, Columbia/London Business Schools

London School of Business, Columbia Business School and University of Hong Kong have started providing an executive MBA program known as EMBA Global. In 2015, the EMBA Global program has been given fourth ranking by Financial Times, which is surely good news for CPA recruiters looking for the best talent. If you join this executive MBA program, you will attend monthly classes in New York and London alternatively. Upon completing the EMBA Global program, you will receive two full MBA degrees as well as alumni status in both schools. Plus, EMBA Global program has been specially designed to enable executives pursue further education without leaving their jobs. Moreover, EMBA Global’s core curriculum offers sufficient insight to succeed in any entrepreneurial field. In addition, its electives allows executives specialize in their area of expertise. There is no doubt that EMBA Global’s executive MBA is worth your time and effort.

UCLA: Anderson/National University of Singapore

UCLA Anderson School of Management and National University of Singapore Business School have jointly designed the Global EMBA for Asia Pacific program. The fifth best executive MBA program according to the Financial Times ranking can be pursued part time. It will take 15 months to complete the Global EMBA for Asia Pacific program. After finishing the executive MBA program, you will be awarded two separate MBA degrees by UCLA and National University of Singapore. What’s more, this executive MBA program focuses on imparting cross functional business knowledge. In addition, the students gain a global perspective of business principles. Advanced 16 module curriculum makes the Global EMBA for Asia Pacific more effective.

University Of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business

It is not surprising that the best business school in the United States also offers on of the best executive MBA programs around. Tuition costs a whopping $65,000 a year for full-time students however, the ability to earn an EMBA from such a prestigious university may just make the price tag worth it.  If watching PowerPoint presentations online is not your idea of an ideal graduate school experience, consider a classroom setting at the Wharton School of Business. If you want to join UPenn’s prestigious alumni ranks, like John Sculley of Apple or Jeff Weiner of LinkedIn, pursue an EMBA from the university of Pennsylvania.

The Financial Times ranking helps executives select the best executive MBA programs across the globe. What can you do with a MBA? Pursuing the top executive MBA programs enable executives to achieve greater professional success. Since the Financial Times ranking has provided the top programs, all you have to do is figure out which ones to apply to.

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