Should You Find A Franchise Or Start Your Own Business?

Business ownership is becoming increasingly available and popular in modern years. Many business owners are choosing to launch their startup while others are aligning with popular franchises. Both ownership options offer unique advantages to their owners. Comparing the two options can be difficult to do, and often varies based on your individual position. However, it is critical to guarantee you put sufficient thought into which is the best option for you before launching your business. Franchises are cheaper to open, but startup businesses allow you to create your own brand. If you are torn between whether you should find a franchise or start your own business, continue reading this post.

Chances Of Success

Your chances of success greatly differ based on whether you choose to open a startup or a franchised business. When you establish a franchise, you are purchasing into a proven system and model. All franchises operate using the same system and practices. Because of this, you are only responsible for your daily operations. Franchises provide you training about managing, marketing, and responsibilities associated with the business. Launching startups however, is much riskier. Some statistics even estimate that 25% of startup business fail within their initial year of operations. However, as with many investments, higher risk often entails higher rewards if handled appropriately. Consider the variation in chances of success when comparing a franchise with starting your own business.

Freedom To Grow

Consider how the different ownership options impact your future freedom to grow. When you own your own business, you assign your own hours and even where you work from. Startups allow you to implement your own innovations and creative ideas into your business. There is no limit to how large you can grow your own business. Whereas with startups, there are significant parameters. In franchises, you cannot alter products, personalize your store, or implement personality. You must follow a rather rigid system to uphold standards and maintain quality. Consider how your choice in ownership impacts your freedom to grow.

Business Specificity

Your decision to find a franchise or launch a startup also depends on the specificity of your business. How unique is your concept, how niche is your market, how much competition already exists? For example, fast food businesses face a significant amount of competition from industry leaders. If you want to open a fast food business, a franchise is likely your best option. Fast food restaurant franchises help overcome competition. However, if you believe that you have a unique idea and superior quality, launch a startup business. Ultimately, your higher quality and better value will be recognized in the marketplace. Consider the specificity of your business idea before making your ownership decision.

Risk Management

Analyze your personal risk tolerance when making your decision to find a franchise or start a business. Business ownership requires much more risk than franchising. To protect their investors, franchises offer reliable support systems. These allow you to reach out for quick assistance when any for of issue arises. Owning your own business, however, does not provide these same support measures. If you encounter issues in owning your own business, you ultimately have to research and find the solutions by yourself. For business owners that are often trying to avoid risk, franchising is likely your better decision. Assess your desired level of risk when making ownership decisions.

Taking Direction

Your ownership decision should also be influenced by your ability to take direction. Franchising a business still allows you to be your own boss. However, you are still required to follow brand regulations, standards, and practices. This often requires you to share your business’s financial information, or pay your parent company of advertising materials. Business ownership allows you to make decisions entirely for yourself. You can choose the clients you serve, the practices you utilize, and the marketing efforts you engage in. You are not responsible to any parent company executives in owning your business. If you wish to make your own decisions free of any brand officials, consider opening your own business. Evaluate your ability to take risk when choosing your business ownership options.

Business ownership is increasingly popular to future business owners. With this influx in popularity, comes the decision of whether you should launch your own business or find a franchise. Running a start up small business requires you to be more heavily involved in the daily operations of your company. However, it often allows you the freedom to expand and be more creative.  To best make that decision, you need to evaluate your chances of success. Analyze how ownership options impact your freedom to grow. Compare your business specificity to large industry competitors. Assess your personal risk tolerance level. Furthermore, evaluate your ability to take direction from superiors. To best help you understand whether you should find a franchise or start your own business, consider the points mentioned in this post.

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