What Are The Cheapest Franchises To Open?

The cheapest franchises to open offer an affordable opportunity to start your own business with an established brand name, without having to worry about crowdfunding finance options. By selecting one of the cheapest franchises, you stand a better chance of succeeding in a competitive market. Additionally, the cheapest franchises to open include less set up time, primary training, continuous support, an established business model and credibility in the market. Moreover, some cheap franchises offer considerable assistance in securing finance and finding appropriate business locations.

Many franchisors keep franchise costs low to attract potential franchisees, expanding their business faster. However, the cost of cheapest franchises can vary according to industry and brand. In this post, the top performing cheapest franchises to open have been listed to help entrepreneurs select the right one.

Soccer Shots

If you want to profit from sports, Soccer Shots is an excellent low-cost franchise to consider. Soccer Shots franchises offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to put their love of sports to work by coaching young children to become the best soccer player they possibly. This is an opportunity you can start on your own. Then, you can build up your business by hiring other coaches and staff when you are ready to expand. If you take advantage of this franchise opportunity, use the top sports marketing ideas to make the most of it.

Vanguard Cleaning Systems

Founded in 1984, Vanguard Cleaning Systems started franchising from the start. Based in San Mateo, California, the renowned cleaning company now has 2,794 franchise units in US and 315 in Canada. Vanguard Cleaning Systems has designed two different franchise programs. Their unit franchise programs are ideal for inexperienced entrepreneurs who need a sample marketing plan and close guidance. Those who have more experience can join Vanguard Cleaning System’s master franchise program. The total investment required to get this franchise is around $35,830, with $9,630-$35,700 being the franchise fee and then a 10% ongoing royalty. Despite being one of the cheapest franchises to open, Vanguard Cleaning Systems offers privileges like 20 hours of training, regional advertisement and purchasing cooperatives to its franchisees.

Jazzercise Inc

Started by Judi Shepherd Missett, in 1969, Jazzercise Inc has gained popularity by offering fun fitness classes that incorporate jazz dance moves. At present, this affordable franchise has 6,946 franchise units in US alone. What’s more, around half a million people join Jazzercise’s total body conditioning program every year from US and thirty other countries. Undoubtedly, their popularity make the Jazzercise Inc franchise an excellent business opportunity, alongside the excellent 4p marketing advisement. The cost of buying a Jazzercise Inc franchise comes around $3,530-$75,750, including the $1250 franchise fee. In addition, franchisees have to pay 20% ongoing royalty. But at the same time, no minimum liquidity requirement and home based operations make the Jazzercise Inc franchise worth your attention.

Cruise Planners

If you are trying to find the cheapest franchise to open, Cruise Planner is definitely a good choice. Affiliated as American Express Travel Representative, Cruise Planner is a home based travel agent network with 2071 franchise units across the US. This well-known company has been ranked the best travel franchise twelve times consecutively by the Entrepreneur magazine. Buying a Cruise Planners franchise, you will be able to sell full service travel packages like cruise and land vacations, travel insurance as well as car rentals.

In addition, you will get American Express Travel affiliation and on-going support from the franchisors of Cruise Planners. In spite of offering so many privileges, Cruise Planners franchise requires just $495-$10,495 with the total investment amounting to $22,667. On top that, Cruise Planners provides travel benefits and perks to the franchisees. Many retired consumers turn to cruises for enjoyment. If you want to adhere to this crowd, you can also consider cheap companion connection senior care franchise opportunities.

Proforma Franchise

Another cheap franchises to open, Proforma provides promotional products, printing services, business documents and forms to the medium or large sized companies. They are basically sales agents who connect businesses with best business forms, promotional products and multimedia solutions. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Proforma franchise offers several advantages like account acquisition programs, volume purchasing power, toll-free phone lines, accounting methods and advertising. Though the franchise fee can go up to $29,500, in some cases it is waived. Even when it is not, it is still much more affordable than investing in real estate. Furthermore, the franchisees get customized marketing kit and one week long training. Depending on your skill set, this might be a cheap franchise alternative for you.

Jan-Pro Franchising International Inc

With more than twenty years of experience and over 6,715 franchise units across US, Jan-Pro Franchising International Inc offers commercial cleaning services. They provide services to businesses like car dealerships, gyms, banks, churches, schools and offices. To obtain this commercial cleaning franchise you have to pay approximately $3,900-$51,605 in start-up costs. In addition, Jan-Pro Franchising International Inc asks for $2,520-$44,000 as a franchise fee and 10% ongoing royalty fee. However, the convenient 10 year long term of franchise agreement, instant brand recognition and comprehensive support make Jan-Pro Franchising International Inc stand out among the cheapest franchises.

Re/Max Real Estate

Real estate is almost always a very lucrative field to get into. Unfortunately, it usually requires quite a bit of start-up capital and hefty real estate insurance costs. Thankfully, Re/Max LLC makes real estate a real possibility for entrepreneurs on a budget. For as little as $38,000, you can open your own thriving real estate business that is a part of a network of over 97,000 Re/Max realtors. The agent-centric model used by the company is even more incentive for entrepreneurs interested in making as large a commission as possible. If you are interested in opening a real estate business but are worried about the cost being too prohibitive, consider a cheap franchise solution with Re/Max.

Fitness Franchises

As more an more consumers join the health trend, gym franchises are becoming more and more profitable. Contrary to popular belief, entrepreneurs can open fitness franchises and stick to their budgets. Moreover, you have numerous options. You can open a popular gym franchise and have a customer base already established. Consider the top gym franchise options to open up a cheap business that will earn you a positive cash flow. You might want to start a fitness training business or take advantage of a franchise that is already well-established.

The cheapest franchises to open offer the chance to earn good revenues without investing huge amounts of money or worrying about economic indicators. Furthermore, most affordable franchise come with a number of privileges like well-known brand name, bulk buying capacity, ongoing training and regional advertising. Certainly, if you are looking for a valuable investment, these cheap franchises are worth considering.

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