How To Find The Best Developer For Hire In A Competitive Job Market

Finding a talented developer for hire requires a great deal of effort and patience. Businesses are in constant competition to hire the best developers before another competitor snatches them up. Finding top talent available for work is not easy. Thankfully, there are HR recruitment strategies any hiring manager can use to find developers for hire and sway them into working for your employer. Learn these HR hiring tactics below.

Look In The Right Places

First, you need to know where to look in order to find the best web developers for hire. Some online resources for finding top talent are much better than others. Typically, in-demand developers will not be looking at online job listing boards on their own. Instead, you have to use the websites that allows you to bring your company to the web developer, rather than the other way around. Websites like TopTal and UpWork can be great options to find remote software developer to fill your company’s opening positions. Keep this in mind when attempting to hire a web developer for your employer. Keep this in mind when attempting to hire a web developer for your employer.

Ask Around For Suggestions

Before you start hiring employees for small business, inquire about potential developers for hire among this group. There is no better proof that a developer is great at what they do than when you hear it straight from a clients’ mouth.

Or inversely, use this tactic to eliminate unqualified job candidates by asking them for references from companies they have worked with before. When you utilize your professional network to source job candidates, you are sure to find the most talented web developers in the industry.

Be Prepared To Pay

Be prepared to offer high starting salaries to top talent. The best developers are not cheap, nor should you expect them to be. By offering a competitive starting salary for web developers, the best in the field will be much more likely to choose to work with you than your competitors offering lower salaries. You will also be much more likely to hire female developers if you prove that your company closed the gender wage gap for developers. Further, your willingness to be upfront about high salary figures in job listings and recruitment emails will catch the eye of the best developers. If you wind to find top developers for hire, you need to be willing to pay top dollar.

Turn Rejections Into Wins

You can also find top talent to fill open developer jobs by asking other top developers who may or may not have turned down an job offer with your company. Just because a developer does not accept your offer of employment does not mean that they would not recommend anyone else for the job. This is an unconventional hiring strategy that will help you hire top talent with a personal recommendation. That simplifies the interviewing and hiring process while also increasing the likelihood the developer accepts your offer of employment. Candidates are much more likely to be willing to work with your company when the position has been suggested by an equally-talented friend. That is why you should definitely utilize this strategy when looking for developers for hire.

Preview Candidates’ Portfolios

Before you hire a developer, you should ask to see a portfolio of their most recent work. First, you want to be sure that their work is up to your company’s quality standards. Second, you also want to look to see that the developers’ style of work aligns with the company’s needs and brand image. A brief look at the portfolio of previous development work experience will give you the insight you need to make an informed hiring decision. That way, you can find and hire the best developers before your competition even gets a chance to extend an offer of employment.

Host Or Sponsor Developer Events

If you are struggling to come up with some reliable candidates, try hosting or sponsoring a software developer event. Getting a bunch of skilled, qualified talent to attend an event at your office is highly-effective for effective and efficient onboarding. Meeting some potential programming candidates in-person is a great way to jump ahead of the recruiting process. This is especially true since software engineers are usually quiet and closed off.

The hiring best practices above will help you find developers for hire without having to work with employment agencies. In today’s competitive job market, this is no small feat. Find top talent developers by looking in the right places online and off, including asking around for suggestions from your professional network of fellow hiring managers and HR employees. Be prepared to pay top dollar for top talent, and turn rejections into wins by asking top candidates who have declined job offers if they know anyone that may be interested in the job. Then, just remember to preview samples of previous development work the potential hires have done in order to guarantee you make the right hiring decisions. As long as you do, you will be able to quickly and easily find top talent to get your hiring job done right.

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