Find Paid Studies Online To Make Money In Between Paychecks

Unemployed job seekers often have a harder time finding jobs versus employed peers. That means it can be quite a while in between paychecks, leaving you struggling to make ends meet. If you identify with this, paid studies can help bridge the gap between unemployment and your next paycheck. Some studies pay participants quite a nice sum. But, you need to know where to look to find opportunities for paid clinical research trials. Find out some resources to locate paid studies and find out whether you qualify for them below.


If you live in the United States, it is rather easy to find reputable paid studies, even if you have a fairly healthy living. All you have to do is visit the government website for them. is an easy-to-navigate site that allows you to find studies by topic or location. There, they have additional resources that could prove useful, including posts about how to read study records and more. If you want to find legitimate paid studies and clinical trials, visit the government backed website to do so.

Paid Study Websites

There are a number of websites built specifically for the purpose of finding paid clinical trials near you. These can be helpful for identifying opportunities that you may wish to take part in. There, you can find studies based on age, health conditions, distance you are willing to travel or even your desired payment or reimbursement stipend. This makes it easy to narrow down the field of clinical trials to just those that you actually qualify for. That saves you time and frustration, making these clinical trials websites a great option to find paid studies to participate in.


Sometimes, all you need to do is pick up a good, old-fashioned newspaper and browse through the classifieds section. Here, you can find listings for local paid studies or clinical trials. Oftentimes, these classifieds listings will also list a few brief participant requirements. This will help you easily narrow down the field of possibilities to just those that you may qualify to participate in. Finding paid clinical trials through your local newspaper also means that all the listings will not be too far from home. This is a considerable benefit if you are out of work and may not be able to travel long distances. Make sure to pick up your local newspaper to find nearby paid studies to participate in.

Online Classified Boards

Online classifieds are also another resource chock full of listings for paid clinical trials to make money online. However, with these websites, you definitely want to be careful. You do not want to fall victim to phony listings like the ones the Craigslist Killer posted. Make sure to vet each listing you are considering. Try to find more information about the company that is advertising the trial or study. Then, once you know the listing is advertising a real opportunity, you can reach out to apply. When used wisely, online classified boards can be an excellent tool to find paid studies that help you make a little bit of extra cash to hold you over during times of unemployment.

Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical companies often post about their own clinical trials on their websites. That makes it easy to find clinical trials if you are interested in trying out certain new medications or medical procedures. However, it can be difficult to qualify for these clinical studies. It is also a little bit harder to locate paid studies using individual websites as opposed to one big listing board. Regardless, you are sure to find tons of opportunities for paid clinical trials by visiting pharmaceutical companies’ websites.

If you are out of work and struggling to make ends meet while applying to business school, participating in studies and clinical trials is a way to make money to tide yourself over until you find the source of your next paycheck. But first, you just need to know where to look. Finding legitimate paid studies can be difficult. Just use the resources above to find paid clinical trials that are reputable and credible. This way, you can keep a roof over your head while you are looking for employment.

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