Most Popular Forex Algorithm Trading Strategies For Automated Investing

Trading Forex is a time-consuming task. Or, at least, it was. Nowadays, automation has led to a rise in algorithmic Forex trading strategies. This has greatly cut down the amount of time investors, like you, spend trading at odd hours thanks to different global markets and CSQ quote updates. There are, however, multiple Forex algorithm strategies investors have to choose from in they decide to take part in these Forex opportunities. Find out about the different Forex algorithms below.

Following Trends

One of the easiest algorithmic Forex trading strategies for beginners to grasp is following trends. In this strategy, buy and sell orders are triggered based on a set of conditions set by the investor. These conditions are fulfilled by a number of technical indicators that you can choose to match your own investment strategies. In addition, trend following trade strategies can also be sued to compare historical data against current data to predict trend duration. If you are just starting out in Forex markets, this is a great algorithmic trading strategy for beginners.

Automatic Hedging

Auto hedging is another popular Forex trading algorithm that is used to protect investors from sudden, considerable losses. Hedging automatically entails setting algorithms to limit the amount of risk you, the investor, is exposed to. One example of this is setting spot contracts up. This can be used in attempts to defend against drops in value of long-term currency plays that occur suddenly. If you want to mitigate trading risks, automatic hedging algorithms are an effective Forex strategy to consider.


Statistical algorithmic strategies for Forex are often consider one of the most important Forex trading strategies for investors to know. When using algorithm Forex strategies, you want your algorithms to be able to automate statistic analysis. This is a must for all types of investing, whether you invest in the Dubai stock market or elsewhere. Regardless of what type of investor you are, make sure you learn up on statistical analysis algorithms for trading purposes.

Mean Reversion

Mean reversion is another must-know algo trading strategy for Forex. These strategies are based on the idea that global markets are ranging 80% of the time. Mean reversion algo trading strategies often calculate average asset price by using historical data. Then, the algorithms act on trades that they anticipate will return to average prices. If you want to learn up on all the best algo strategies for Forex, mean reversion strategies are certainly something you should be familiar with.


Arbitrage algorithms are best used for trading in large positions. This strategy involves creating an algorithm that hunts markets for price imbalances to profit off of. Because Forex changes are usually only micropips, this is a tough strategy to make considerable gains with unless you are trading large positions. Triangle arbitrage, in particular, is one of the most popular arbitrage algorithms for Forex. Consider using this strategy if you have lots of money to move around.

If you are an investor, trading Forex can be a highly lucrative endeavor if you know how to calculate return on investment. Thanks to algorithmic trading, it is now a much less cumbersome task for investors like you to take on. Consider using the trading algorithms above to start trading Forex successfully. These algo trading strategies will help you learn the markets and earn profits all at the same time.

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