What Are The Two Main Formats Of The Wonderlic Test

Formerly, the test was known as Wonderlic Personnel Test, but today, it’s known as the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test. Its purpose is to test an individual’s aptitude and cognitive skills. Individuals take the test for different purposes but the main one is for employment purposes. After all, these tests are known to hep applicants find entry level job success.

Others take the test before joining college or for admission into the NFL and many more. The test has 50 questions in total and it’s timed at 12 minutes to finish. Eldon F. Wonderlic developed three types of Wonderlic tests but the main ones are two.

What Purpose Does The Wonderlic Test Serve?

The Wonderlic test helps measure an individual’s ability in three main areas – personality, motivation, and cognitive. In the employment field, the test helps employers to measure an employee’s experience in solving problems, adapt to a new work environment, learn work demands fast, comprehend instructions, and face work challenges soberly.

The Wonderlic Test Formats

The Wonderlic tests have different sections but job candidates get to choose two main test types. Each has a different number of questions but an individual is not restricted to which one to take. A person may choose to take both or just one.

The Wonderlic Quick Practice Test

The quick practice test is designed for those individuals with limited time and who would like to spend the shortest time possible to start and finish the test. It has a total of ten questions and is not complicated to handle.

It has diagrammatic questions that test logical skills, some math for numerical skills, graphical questions, questions of grammar, and diagram series. This way, you can advance in several key areas including advancing business or improving entrepreneurial skills. Once the individual completes the test, they get their results on screen and the time taken to answer all questions. There is no restriction on the number of times one can reseat for the test.

The Wonderlic Personnel Practice Test

This test is for individuals with more time to allocate for the test. It covers all testing areas and has a total of 50 questions. The test gives a more accurate outcome of a person’s cognitive, personality, and motivational skills.

What Main Areas Are Tested By The Wonderlic Test?

Three areas get thoroughly tested and the results obtained are accurate and scientific. To help score higher marks, take your time to prepare and practice for the tests.

Motivational Skills

Motivational skills help to look deeper into what interests an individual or the things that drive them to work more and better. Of course, these are some of the most important soft skills every leader needs. This section has 58 questions that must be answered within a maximum of 15 minutes. Workers will be more productive if they are allowed to work in an area that motivates them most.

Cognitive Ability Skills

This test helps measure an individual’s ability to solve problems, learn fast, comprehend instructions, and adapt to a new environment. In addition, this business testing factor can help achieve a mindful workplace environment. This is the main test used by employers during their hiring process. All fifty questions must be done and submitted within 12 minutes.

The questions contain vocabulary sections, passage reading, math, logical questions, word solving, and general knowledge. The minimum score is tagged at 25 points but some candidates score as high as 40 points.

Personality Skills Test

This test primarily measures a person’s personality or character. Studies show that a person’s character is a predictor of the individual’s performance at work. The test uses a five and seven-factor personality profiling to determine who the person is in terms of character, behavior, and temperament.

Through the tests, an employer will know the person’s emotional behavior, level of trust, the possibility of cooperation, demand for recognition, and so on.

How To Prepare For The Wonderlic Test

Like any other pre-employment test, candidates need to practice and prepare for the Wonderlic test. In addition, the Wonderlic test is one of the best practices for recruiting millennials. The main Wonderlic test had 50 questions timed at 12 minutes. Get similar tests and use them to practice to help you improve on speed and accuracy.

After completing your test, do not submit until you have reviewed and corrected simple mistakes and confirm you have answered to the best of your knowledge. Avoid using a calculator and practice doing mental math. The Wonderlic test does not allow the use of a calculator.

On the test day, ensure you get ample sleep and take a healthy breakfast. Be ready with every item that is allowed during the test and be confident that you will make it.

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