5 Features The Best Free Advertising Templates Online Offer

Free advertising templates are a practical tool for generating brand awareness and sales at minimal cost. However, marketing professionals know there are many factors that go into what makes an advertising template useful. Sites boast their 10,000+ templates as a reason to use their service, but quantity is not all there is to it. To get the best from a service, these are the services that should be offered by online free advertising templates.

Flexible Categories

A worthwhile free advertising template service will provide numerous categories to start using a template under. Your business will likely use more than one form of marketing and promotional materials in a given year. Find a template service that offers a template for everything. The best ones offer templates for brochures, business cards, flyers, infographics, newsletters, etc. The ability to use a variety of templates while reusing a familiar service you trust is a valuable asset when comparing services for free advertising templates online.

Social Media Presets

In a marketing environment governed by social media, accessing templates compatible with social media size requirements is essential. Most services offer a wide degree of sizing options. The best services include social media presets to make choosing a size easier. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook all have different optimal sizes for advertisements. Instead of fitting the ad space to your image, use a template that fits your image to the ad space. Free advertising templates that maintain up-to-date social media presets will save you time, and ensure your message is not cropped out of proportion. Then, you can use your remaining time to focus on implementing Snapchat marketing tactics and engaging with consumers on Instagram. Hence, these shortcuts are a necessity in online free advertisement templates.

Font And Logo Imports

The best free ad templates allow you to import your own logos and fonts into the template. Understand the top ways to use your trademark symbol to protect your business reputation before using your logo in advertisments. At the same time, keep in mind that marketing is all about your brand. Stick to the fonts, images, and CTAs that your audience recognizes. Beyond familiarity, it will save resources if you can reuse former logos and copy in your new advertisements. If your advertisement template allows importing, then it is worth it to maintain that familiarity, on-brand appearance, and to save on resources.

Poster Capable

Free advertising templates that can print to poster-size enable you to make a big impression without a big price tag. Instead of paying a professional printer to print posters, some free template services offer a unique solution. They will first help you download your advertisement as 16 letter-size pages. From there, you can print them individually, line them up, and assemble them to make a 34×44 inch poster. With poster printing capabilities from a free advertising template service online, you can simultaneously cut costs and catch eyes.

File Format Compatibility

The frustration of converting image and text file formats is lost on an ad template service that has wide compatibility options. Not every business uses professional tool formats such as .idml, .qxd, or .qxp. The best free advertisement template service will be compatible with marketing materials formed with .docx, .pptx, .pub, or .pages, as well as any others. Such tools enable marketers to reach their marketing goals more easily. Ensure your online template service has optimal file format compatibility to save you and your marketing team headaches down the road.

When marketing your brand, use only the best free advertising templates online. Make certain the service you choose has a wide variety of categories to choose from. Social media presets are a must as well. To stay true to your brand, import your logos and fonts into their template. For bigger projects, consider a service that allows you to print posters for no additional cost. Lastly, guarantee the service you choose for templates accepts many if not all image and text file formats. To ensure you select the best online free advertisement template, verify the presence of these options and services.

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