5 Best Golf Tournament Gifts For Under $25 During The Holidays

There are various best golf tournament gifts for under $25 during the holidays. Addicted golfers can always use new equipment, especially if they’re considering playing in a golf tournament. Golf balls are easily lost, golf gloves can get holes in them and clothes can always get dirty. If you are looking for a gift, there are endless golf related items that your golf loving father, friend, coworker or loved one can use while on the course. Here are the best golf tournament items for under $25 to gift for the holidays.

Golf Ball Retriever

First, a popular golf tournament item to gift for the holidays is a ball retriever. This retriever has a telescopic design with a retractable shaft that can reach up to 6.5 feet. This tool allows even the best golf players to retrieve their balls without having to bend down, go into a pond or reach over a fence. Once the ball is in the contained section, it is automatically locked in to prevent it from dropping. The tool weighs less than a pound and is made with a steel shaft and a plastic grip. More so, its compact design allows for easy transportation and can fit right into a golf bag. This tool costs about $13 on major multi channel eCommerce sites and can be shipped in less than 5 days. Golf ball retrievers are a reliable gift under $25 for those participating in golf tournaments.

Golf Pen Set

Secondly, a fun golf tournament gift for the holidays is a golf club pen set. This gift works great for golfers preparing for a tournament. They can use the pens for practice requirements such as tracking points, measurements or swing percentages. The metal pens come in three colors, red, blue and black with about 7.5 inches in length. Additionally, they receive three different pen club types, two mini balls and a flag for a miniature golf course case. As a result, your golf fanatic loved one can play a game of golf even while in the office. You can buy this set for just below $25 on most major e-commerce websites. Of course, consider buying it sooner than later as it could take about 2 weeks to receive the package. Certainly, a golf pen set is a fun golf tournament gift for under $25 to give for the holidays.

Customized Golf Ball Marker

Next, a popular gift to give a golfer in or preparing for a tournament and is under $25 is a golf ball marker. Most pro golfers choose between coins, a tee or a poker chip to track their balls. However, you can gift a customized marker to your favorite golfer. These markers utilize magnetic solutions to suspend the marker inside a surrounding base. You can remove the center chip and have an indented space within the base to place your golf ball if needed. Markers can be customized with colors, logos or engraved with names for an extra fee. They are made with plastic bases and a steel disc inside for weight. You can purchase about 300 markers for less than $10. Most customized markers can take around 3 to 5 days to produce and a couple extra days for delivery. Additionally, consider gifting ball markers to help avoid hitting a ball incorrectly. Of course, gift your golf tournament playing loved one a customized golf ball marker for less than $25.

Golf Clock

Of course, every tournament golfer could use a golf clock. This specialized clock has an active barometer that supports ambient weather forecasts. It displays the time, daily temperature and humidity. In fact, it can be useful for most outdoor activities besides golf, including boating. More so, it can be kept in different places such as your office, to remind you of an upcoming golf game. Or, in your golf cart for a simple reminder of the upcoming weather and to keep track of time. It is powered by multiple AAA batteries, which are not included in the purchase. Additionally, there are custom sensor ports for a more efficient response with live customer service options from 9AM to 7PM, 6 days a week. This tool costs less than $15 but can be more costly if you decide on investing in different designs. Of course, every tournament golfer needs a golf clock to keep track of their activities. 

Golf Clothes

Finally, all tournament golfers need appropriate golf clothes. You can gift polo’s, pants and t-shirts for any golf occasion. Choose polo’s made of polyester for some flexibility and stretch when golfing. Depending on the brand, a polo can cost as little as $22. Or, consider giving golf pants that contain moisture-wicking fabric and multiple pockets. This allows for easy movement and easy access to extra balls or other objects. More so, multiple clothing stores are selling golf pants for less than $20. Additionally, you can gift t-shirts with specialized features. For example, you can buy shirts with specific country clubs or funny puns on them. Most t-shirts cost below $20 and make an entertaining gift for golf lovers. Certainly, a great golf tournament gifts for less than $25 are golf clothes.

There are several best golf tournament gifts, such as customized bumper stickers, for under $25 during the holiday. First, you could give a golf tournament gift of a ball retriever so the avid golfer can collect their balls from ponds and out of bound sections. Secondly, consider gifting a golf club pen set with customized pens for golfing measurements, a fun miniature golf course and other daily activities. Of course, gift your favorite golfer with customized golf ball markers so they can track their ball movement as they play in a tournament. Next, gift your loved one a golf clock that they can use to track time and weather during a tournament or for reminders for future games. Finally, gift golf clothes for any occasion including tournaments, mini golf or a fun game with friends. These are the best golf tournament gifts for the holiday that are under $25.

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