5 Healthy Vending Machine Snack Options For A More Productive Staff

There are dozens of healthy vending machine snack options to create a more productive and motivated workforce for your small business. More businesses are emphasizing healthy eating for their employees. Nothing stresses adequate nutrition more than providing employees access to dozens of healthy snack choices. Luckily, there are hundreds of delicious healthy snacks to fill your office vending machine with. Many healthy snack options do not even require you to sacrifice delicious taste and flavor. Read on to learn more about the healthy vending machine snack options for a more productive staff.

Cereal & Granola Bars

Cereal and granola bars are an excellent healthy snack option for your office workforce. It is constantly stated that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Nutritious granola bars and cereal options ensure that your staff receives a healthy meal to start off the day. Breakfast options are essential if you have staff arriving early to work most days of the week. Throughout your search, you can include healthy breakfast items in a number of different flavors, brands, and sizes to ensure a sufficient option for all of your employees. Purchase cereal and granola bars for your healthy vending machine to offer more nutritious options for your staff.

Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is an excellent, healthy vending machine snack options for your small business workforce. Fruit is an excellent healthy option to provide your staff with. Unfortunately, fresh produce will likely not survive inside your office vending machine very long. Dried fruit options on the other hand, have long expiration dates, while still delivering the same delicious flavor and nutritious value. Look for dried fruit options like cranberries, raisins, or even mangos when purchasing vending machine snacks. Consider dried fruit for a healthy, delicious snack for your valuable staff.


Pretzels are an incredibly common, extremely healthy vending machine treats to ensure a productive staff every day. Hard pretzels are a healthy snack that employees can enjoy at their desk any time of the day. Depending on your preferences, pretzels are available in an assortment of different flavors, shapes, and brands. Traditionally, unbuttered, unsalted pretzels will be the healthiest option to provide your staff with. Be sure to read the nutrition labels carefully, as not all pretzels have similar calorie counts. With these snack choices, you can ensure healthy living for all your employees. Fill your office vending machine with healthy pretzels snacks in order to boost productivity for your workforce.


Crackers are another very healthy, delicious snack option for your office vending machine. Healthy crackers are already an incredibly common snack item within office vending machines. Be sure to look for healthier, more nutritious cracker options whenever possible. Instead of crackers filled with cheese, peanut butter, or topped with salt, look for plain, low-calorie, organic cracker options. To increase productivity and employee satisfaction at your office, be sure to purchase healthy crackers for your office vending machine.

Seeds & Nuts

Purchasing healthy seeds and nuts for your office vending machine is a definite way to boost employee productivity. Pumpkin and sunflower seeds are extremely low calorie, low fat snacks for a more productive workplace. At the same time, there are dozens of nut options to purchase for your healthy vending machine. Instead of salted or honey roasted option, consider a more nutritious, plain, unsalted snack option. Like many other healthy snack options, employees can enjoy seeds and nuts at their desk at any point of the workday. Even better, there an incredibly affordable, long lasting snack option to stock up your healthy vending machine with.

There are several healthy office snacks to increase employee productivity in your workplace. Cereal and granola bar items help your valuable employees start off the day on the right foot. Snack options like dried fruit are an excellent, sweet snack item for your employees. At the same time, items like pretzels are a easy, long lasting snack employees can enjoy at any time of day. Moreover, consider crackers in order to provide healthier options to a traditional vending machine item. Furthermore, purchase seeds and nuts to boost productivity at your workplace. Consider the points mentioned above to learn more about the healthy vending machine snack options for a more productive staff.

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