Securing A High Potential Individual Visa For International Employment

A time period of at least 2 years is given to High Potential Individual (HPI) visa applicants to live in the UK. It is mandatory for the individual applying for a visa to have proof of qualification degree by top global universities in the span of the last 5 years. It is permitted to the applicant of High Potential Individual visa to be self-employed, look for work, and do voluntary work. The individuals who are applying are also granted permission to bring their spouses and children after checking their eligibility.

In an effort to attract top tier talent, the UK Government has put forward a number of new immigration routes to support people with high standings in their academic career belonging to different global backgrounds. On 30 May 2022, the High Potential Individual route was launched. The intention was to attract graduates from top universities all over the world and provide both the visa holders and the UK business owners an opportunity to contribute to the economy.

There are certain criteria that individuals are required to meet l in order to be awarded the hpi visa UK. These include:

High Potential Individual Visa Requirement: Education

For starters, your academic degree undergoes a detailed verification process. The overseas degree you’ve attained must be equivalent to either a UK graduate degree or higher level than that. You need to check the Home Office Global Universities Lists to make sure the university you graduated from is in the list. You have to get your degree verified by ECCTIS (previously known as UK NARIC) to make sure you have the right level of qualification.

High Potential Individual Visa Requirement: English Language Proficiency

The next step in your application process is to prove your English knowledge. This can be done with a wide range of different certification classes. Your competency in the English language must be equivalent to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) scale. This refers to being able to speak, write, listen and read at least Level B1 (intermediate).

Your English language proficiency can be proved by passing a Secure English Language Test (SELT). IELTS 4.0 is the test that has to be given by overseas applicants and if they pass the test, they can apply for the High Potential Individual Visa.

High Potential Individual Visa Requirement: Financial Self-reliance

One of the requirements to attain the Higher Potential Individual Visa is financial support. You have to show in your application that you can support yourself financially without any public assistance during your stay in the UK by having a set amount of money in your registered bank checking account. A total of £1,270 has to be present in the account at the date of application. One of the tricks that no one tells you about while you’re applying for foreign visas is that if the money is transferred to the bank account very close to the application date, it gives a negative impact on your application. So, the financial support funds have to be saved in a registered account sometime before the application date. If the applicant is resident of the UK for a time period of over 12 months and is opting to transfer to this visa, they don’t necessarily have to show funds.

Post Visa Requirements

Moreover, health insurance is not provided by the High Potential Individual Visa, so visa applicants must pay the additional payment for protection from the healthcare industry – the approximate amount is £624 per year for the time period you stay in the UK. There is a separate settlement process in the UK and the HPI visa does not proceed directly to settlement. However, through various processes you can switch to other immigration routes, before the expiry of your leave.

Application Process of Visa Applicants

The application process of the High Potential Individual visa and other work visas is similar. Applicants simply have to submit the online application form, then the application processing fee has to be paid and lastly the required supporting documents are needed. Another mandatory step for visa application is to visit the visa providing office and provide the biometric information. It is recommended to discuss details of your application with a reliable UK immigration lawyer to ensure a positive outcome.

In conclusion, there are three main legal requirements to be fulfilled by applicants in order to be eligible for the High Potential Individual Visa. Firstly, checking authenticity of academic documents; secondly, English Language proficiency; lastly, providing proof of financial self-reliance. An immigration support officer can provide a detailed overview of the application process.

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