5 IT Certification Classes For Beginners In Tech

There are several essential IT certification classes for beginners in tech to consider before launching their career. With more opportunities opening up across the IT field, many tech enthusiasts are interested in courses to launch their careers. The top IT certification courses boost your technical knowledge and increase the career opportunities available for you. By participating in several online courses, you can obtain the necessary certifications to enter the information technology industry. Read on to learn about the essential IT certification classes for beginners in tech.


CompTIA+ is a fundamental certification for beginners in tech. It is one of the most respected and well-known IT certifications. This certification is an essential step in your career, as CompTIA+ is a minimum requirement for many IT jobs. This certification is great for a beginner because it covers the fundamentals of IT, providing basic information to get you started. While this certification alone may not guarantee you a job, it will allow you to learn the skills needed for more advanced certifications. CompTIA+ will give you a broad range of information, allowing you to explore different aspects of IT and find something that interests you. For beginners in tech, CompTIA+ is an essential IT certification that will help increase career opportunities.

Cisco’s CCNA

Cisco’s CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is a widely-known IT certification that is great for beginners. This IT certification is specific to Cisco applications and business security systems. However, it still offers valuable, transferable information. CCNA focuses on cyber security, as well as designing, creating, implementing, and testing Cisco products. With a CCNA certification, you will learn more about a variety of essential IT topics. You will also become more marketable. Employers are looking for people willing to put in the time and effort to learn, as well as people who are up to date with what is current in the IT field. For beginners interested in IT, CCNA is essential for building a career.


The PMP (Project Management Professional) is a general IT certification that will help you learn about project management. The PMP is the most commonly taken project management certification and is well-recognized by IT companies. After learning basic IT skills, beginners in tech would benefit from this certification. While certification classes can be taken online, the test must be taken in a physical location. Despite this inconvenience, it is still worth getting the PMP certification. Project management is a skill needed by future leaders, making it essential for beginners who want to advance their careers. By getting the PMP certification, you can increase your career prospects in the IT field.


An MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate) certification will help you be more competitive in the IT field. Microsoft offers a series of MTA tests, each focused on a different topic. Some of the topics include windows operating systems, software development, networking, and security. You can choose the topics you are interested in and get as many MTA certifications as you want. MTAs are great for beginners in tech who have some idea of what they are interested in. They offer beginner-level information that is split up by subject. This allows you to focus on your interests, learning what you want when you want. Getting an MTA certification, or multiple MTA certifications, is a great way for beginners to learn about the IT field and become more marketable to employers.


The ACA (Apple Certified Associate) certification is a great way for beginners who use Mac computers to enter the IT field. The IT field is mostly built around Windows, with limited usage of Macs. The ACA is a certification for people who prefer Macs or do not have a Windows device. For beginners in tech who fit in either of these categories, the ACA is a good way to learn about the IT field without changing their device.

However, those who get this certification should be aware that most of the industry uses a different server operating system. This means that they may switch to Windows at some point. As a beginner, you should be focused on learning IT fundamentals in any way you can. Whether you learn on a Mac or a Windows PC, you are still increasing your knowledge and IT skills. If you are a beginner in tech with a Mac, the ACA certification can help you enter the IT field.

These 5 essential certifications are a good starting point for beginners in tech. Whether you want to learn broad, basic information, study only the topics you are interested in, or work on a Mac, there is a certification that can help you enter the IT field. By putting in the effort to complete IT certifications, you show employers that you are a person who takes the initiative and has the required skills to succeed. Through these certifications, beginners in tech can learn about the IT field and start their careers.

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