Why Hiring The ITIL Certified Expert Has Become Popular

The Information Technology Industry has been booming since its inception. More so now due to the pandemic and thus, more and more people are trying to become a part of this sector. There are so many career options one has in this department that it becomes difficult to choose from. Everyone and everywhere you go, you need to be good at IT and have some knowledge about it and the more the better. Thus, some courses give you a better understanding and professional career certification for gaining knowledge about Information Technology. Today, we will look at one of the lesser-known but extremely helpful IT certification courses.

ITIL History

IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) was first introduced by the British Government’s central computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA) in the 1980s. ITIL is a library filled with several volumes that discuss frameworks of delivering better IT services. Initially, there were more than 30 books on the same topics but now, they are codified into a more concise version which consists of only 5 volumes that have been constantly revised. Of course, this history provides a foundational knowledge for many small business IT consulting services. ITIL was started with the cause to make the IT services that manage, interact, and control most of the business to get better and to reduce the number of errors and eventually, profit both the organisation and the economy.

ITIL Recognition

Currently, Axelos, which is a joint venture between the Cabinet Office and Capita, gives licenses to businesses to use ITIL frameworks. Although, some older versions of ITIL can be used without getting a license. Over the years, Axelos has updated ITIL and reached level 4, which is the most recent and upgraded version of these frameworks. ITIL helps businesses get better at strengthening customer relations, managing risks, establishing cost-effective practices, and building a stable IT environment that allows for growth, scale and change. Over the years, ITIL has gained recognition and aligned with International Service Management.

ITIL Hired By Corporations

Now people can get ITIL certification to get to work in large corporate companies such as Adobe, Amazon, and more. This is possible only if you have a certificate in the ITIL course and a lot of online education websites provide this course. ITIL can be learned by people who want to understand the concept of ITIL frameworks, which is sure to increase your income as compared to people who don’t hone this skill. By the end of this course, you are sure to know about the modern technologies and operational processes necessary for service management.

ITIL Lessons

The recent ITIL 4 Course Framework consists of lessons that teach you the value system of ITIL and management practices. Most of these courses provide 19 and 22 PDUs for self-study. There are 30 chapters with quizzes and industry case studies covering small business IT needs for better understanding. There are many examinations for practices that will make you better at the course and eventually ace the exam. There are various options for the type of course you choose and thus, select the best for you!

ITIL Examination Process

After the course, there is always an examination. These examinations are for different positions and you can decide what part you would want to apply for in the industry. There are 2 attempts to this examination and you must give the first attempt within 45 days of completion of the course and the second attempt is based on the first attempt and you have to attempt that after a week of the first attempt. The exam questions are in the MCQ format consisting of 40 questions. You get around 60 minutes to complete the exam and the passing mark is 26 out of those 40 questions. There is no negative marking in the exam and thus, scoring either online or in the paper-based format is quite easy with the right material.

There are many levels to become an ITIL expert or master and you have to clear each level with as many credits as you can. 17 credits will get you to become a master in ITIL and you can handle the IT operations of your or a company quite easily. In fact, these credits are an essential part of business IT training and placement. This article has described the different levels, methods, and absolutely everything you need to know about the ITIL certification course. We hope this article helps you and wish you the best of luck!

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