21st Century Small Business IT Needs You Can No Longer Ignore

The world has progressed to a point where technology is paramount. This makes small business IT needs one of the most important factors in modern businesses. It is the duty of every business owner to ensure their business is up-to-date and takes advantage of every tool they have at their disposal. These are the 21st Century small business IT needs you cannot ignore if you wish to succeed.

Mobile-Friendly Website

Currently, there are over 2.7 billion smartphones in use worldwide, which is why a mobile-friendly website is critical for every small business. Mobile web-traffic is higher than ever and only increasing. A difficult or un-responsive mobile website is dissuading to consumers. Additionally, it is a symbol of being out-of-touch. A potential client who cannot navigate your mobile site is likely to seek out another competitor who has a more mobile-friendly website. This is why it is paramount to have a mobile-friendly website for your small business.

Network Security

Another major small business IT service needed in the 21st century is network security. After all, the constant technological advancements benefit both businesses and hackers worldwide. With that being said, cybercrime is on the rise within both large and small companies. For this reason, you need to invest in top-notch network security. Then, you can keep your employee information and sensitive customer data safe. Moreover, the best network security solutions prevent businesses from building bad reputations. Instead, you can show your target audience that you not only offer quality products or services, but you also protect their information. Do not underestimate the importance of this 21st century small business IT need.

Social Media Management

A social media presence is highly effective in attracting, acquiring, and retaining new business. Your brand can thrive if you promote your Twitter and Instagram accounts. The majority of small and medium businesses use at least one major social media platform. Therefore, you need to take advantage of this trend if you want to compete in your industry. Social media combines the ability to promote and elevate content, interact with consumers, and gather a dedicated audience. Plus, you can use social platforms at no cost. Social media is an endless medium with immeasurable potential for small businesses, which is why it is a highly favorable small business IT need.

Physical And Cloud Backups

Storing and retaining information via physical or cloud backups in the digital age is an often overlooked small business IT need. However, it is crucial in various departments. Successful companies invest in salesforce backup solutions as well as HR backup systems among others. Computers and networks sometimes fail. If your data is unprotected, there is the potential to lose months or even years of information. The resources required to come back from a mishap of that magnitude far outweigh the cost of a backup server. Because of the low cost associated with mitigating that risk, enabling physical or cloud backups of all data is a priceless IT commodity that your business needs.

Digital File Sharing

Businesses used to rely on prints and faxes to share files, but digital file sharing expedites that process tenfold. Digital file sharing enables all hands at a company to access documents instantly and simultaneously. With digital file sharing, it has never been easier to sort, save, share, and locate documents within a company. To keep up with your competitors, digital file sharing is a necessary small business IT need.

If your business is to make it in the 21st century, you cannot pass up on these IT services and tools. Mobile-friendly websites often make or break whether a potential client will seek out your business. Paid advertising allows your message to be seen and heard despite competing noise. Social media is the powerhouse of successful brands, and is free advertising in its simplest form. Physical and cloud backups ensure your business’ data and documents are protected in the event of a catastrophe. Lastly, digital file sharing connects all facets of your business like never before. Doing business in the 21st century does not have to be difficult; take advantage of these IT-supported tools to give your small business the edge it needs to survive.

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