5 Qualities To Look When Hiring A Social Media Manager

HR professionals are responsible for hiring social media managers. Social media managers are responsible for formulating and executing a strong social media strategy. This strategy is an essential aspect of marketing campaigns in the digital age. When used correctly, social media helps you learn about potential clients and partners. It also provides you with significant useful information about your industry. Execution of this strategy involves hiring a strong social media manager for your company. There are certain specific qualities that all good social media managers have. If you are interested in the qualities to look for as you hire a social media manager, continue reading this post.

Strong Written Content

A good social media manager should be able to provide you with strong written content. Copywriting is a fundamental skill for all areas of marketing. This is especially true for social media managers. They are responsible for writing your social media description, crafting Tweets, and creating Facebook posts. Be sure to ask for writing samples from each candidate. Social media managers should also know where to find the best content that will interest your followers. Ask perspective managers about their go-to curative sources. The right hire will have several channels where they source content. They will also have a time-efficient method for doing so. Writing abilities dictate a lot about a potential employee’s social media marketing content ideas.When looking for a social media manager, ensure they can produce the best written content for your brand.

Brand Understanding

Look for a candidate that has a strong understanding of your company’s brand. Your social media presence must align with your brand voice. This helps attract and retain customers. If your accounts are known for their humor and lightheartedness, a social media manager should be able to recognize this. A good candidate will be able to adapt to your brand’s voice. They will know how to use this voice to connect with your ideal audience on social media. During the interview process, ask perspective hires questions about your brand identity. Be sure that they fully understand exactly who your audience is. Pose questions that will provide insight into how they will use your brand’s voice to connect with said audience. A strong social media manager should have significant brand understanding.

Customer Service Skills

Your social media manager also needs to have strong customer service skills. Customers find the most convenient way to ask questions. This often means that they will pose these inquiries through social media channels. Social media managers need to be prepared to field all customer questions posed on social media. They should do this in a helpful and understanding manner. This is a good way to foster a positive relationship with your target audience. When hiring a social media manager, look for previous customer facing experience. Ask them for a specific time that they dealt with a challenging customer. You want an experience that shows your candidate will answer even the most difficult customer inquiries with grace and dignity. Look for great customer service skills as you hire a social media manager.

Lead Recognition

You want to hire a social media manager who can recognize leads. Social media is a place where people share their experiences and opinions. Your social media manager must recognize these interactions as opportunities to bring the customer closer. They must be able to distinguish a lead and treat each as though the person were sitting in front of them. A strong social media manager should also be able to recognize the opportunity for influencer and affiliate marketing partnerships through this work. During the interview process, answer your prospect’s questions. Then, pose another consultative question that will help them think through their decision and lead them to the sale. Look for a candidate with strong lead recognition skills when hiring a social media manager.

Efficient Tracking Systems

Lastly, the best social media managers can employ efficient tracking systems. Your social media manager needs to keep a close eye on how your content is performing. They should be tracking how many clicks your blog posts get and how long readers are staying on the page. They should also be tracking the level of engagement on social media. Based on this data, they should be able to analyze campaign performance. They will then pinpoint improvements and suggest a strategy to move forward. A social media manager will have efficient systems in place to manage and track all digital information. During the interview process, ask about the data tracking systems your candidate will use. Pose specific questions about how they use this data to improve post performance. As you hire a social media manager, ensure they use efficient performance tracking systems.

There are several important qualities that strong social media managers have. Look for a candidate with brand understanding who can align your social media presence with your brand voice. They should be able to both produce and curate strong written content. A social media manager needs strong customer service skills to field customer questions. Hire someone who will use these interactions as opportunities to bring the customer closer. They should be able to implement efficient tracking systems to help you get the most out of your digital data. Look for these qualities in your candidate as you hire a social media manager.

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