5 Social Media Marketing Content Ideas To Drive Engagement

Social media marketing content has become an important marketing department. Marketing teams are continuously trying to establish new ways of growing their following on numerous platforms. As a marketing professional, you are doing the same. You will only be able to succeed by driving engagement. With more engagement, you will earn more followers. Continue reading to discover social media marketing content ideas to drive engagement.

Create Exclusive Facebook Groups

Facebook groups provide customers and potential customers with a private environment. They are able to engage with you and each other. Customers can discuss your brand, share their experiences with your products, and ask you questions. As the host of the Facebook group, you can drive members toward your website through posts. Through the group, you are able to grow your network. However, Facebook groups can only drive engagement if you use them to their full potential. Converse with the members, making them feel like they are part of a small community governed by your brand. If done correctly, Facebook groups are great social media marketing content engagement drivers.

Build Facebook Ads

Facebook has more to offer than just exclusive groups. The social media platform also provides the marketing content tool of building ads with Facebook Business manager. Facebook ads are great for all businesses, big or small. The social media platform offers multiple ad types to create advertisements specific to your brand. To create an effective ad, you must first determine who you are trying to target. Understand your desired Facebook audience before creating the ad. If done well, you will be able to reach that audience and increase your following. The more followers you have, the more people you will be able to engage with. Therefore, Facebook ad building is a great social media marketing content idea to drive engagement.

Take Personal Photos

Another social media marketing content idea worth experimenting with is taking personal photos. Customers are reluctant to engage with posts that include generic stock photos. Consumers want the real deal. They are looking for a company that looks like they are willing to engage with their followers. To become an authority with a genuine profile, take and post personal pictures. Design your photos to grab the attention of your particular audience. For example, if you work for a makeup company, post a photo of the makeup products on your dresser, ready to be used. Create a realistic scene so that your audience can relate. Original content will drive your followers to engage with you. Perhaps they will even tag their friends, providing you with new customers. Personal photographs are key to driving engagement.

Ask Conversational Questions

Ask open-ended questions to drive engagement even further. Engagement includes multiple factors, but three are deemed the most important. Firstly, comments are critical. Secondly, responding to those comments is essential. Thirdly, likes boost the reputation of your pages. In order to achieve all of those factors, you must create a conversation in each post. One technique that has been proven effective is to ask your followers to respond to your post with an emoji. Another is to ask them about their likes, dislikes, or hobbies. Get the conversation going. Your followers are likely to tag their friends if the conversation goes smoothly. Once again, you have a social media marketing content idea where engagement can lead to follower gains.

Post Infographics

Social media users typically prefer short and concise posts. If they wanted to read a lengthy article, they would go straight to your website. Unfortunately, companies still want to explain long subjects to their followers. The good news is, you can do both. You are able to refrain from posting lengthy content while also explaining subjects at length. The answer lies with infographics. According to social media experts, with well-designed infographics, you can get your message across to your followers quickly. The more easily-digestible your content is, the more likely your followers are to engage with it. Whether they engage actively by commenting or by quietly sharing your post with their friends, it is advantageous. Post infographics to drive engagement through social media marketing content.

Thrive throughout multiple social media platforms by driving engagement. Create exclusive Facebook groups to converse with members. Build Facebook ads so more users can view your content. Take personal photos. Ask open-ended questions. Post infographics instead of long, dragged-out paragraphs. These are all social media marketing content ideas to drive engagement and increase your following.

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