5 Best Certified Home Staging Courses For Realtors

There are various best certified home staging courses for realtors. Individuals are taking these courses to receive certifications, resources and connections in the home staging industry. Many programs provide interior design basics and foundational skills to become a successful stager. As a realtor, taking home staging courses can save you energy and money by not having to outsource a staging company. In fact, you can even start a home staging business. Read on to learn about the best certified home staging courses for realtors.

Flexible Home Staging Courses

Definitely take a flexible home staging course as a realtor. By taking this one to two week course, you can learn to maintain, execute and offer your staging skills to your clients. Receive lifetime access to frequently updated course materials and email support. You will learn all aspects of becoming a professional home stager such as pricing, psychology and business elements. Additionally, you will have access to different forms, contracts and checklists along with hundreds of staging theory examples. As a realtor, you will have to pay a one time payment of about $200. Of course, if you are unsatisfied with your course experience, you can get a 30-day money-back guarantee. In fact, you will receive a refund within one working day. Certainly, as a realtor, you should take flexible home staging courses. 

Supported Staging Courses

Of course, you can also take supported staging courses. This online course teaches you skills to become a successful staging professional. Review all stages of the staging process and learn the role you play in the sales process. More so, complete several design projects to be evaluated by staging professionals. You will learn about space flaws, how to pinpoint a target demographic and decorate for maximum appeal. In fact, you are given access to watch successful home stagers prepare homes for the market Additionally, you can gain support from a team of design professionals. They will provide mentorship throughout the course. Certainly, supported staging courses can help you perfect your staging career as a realtor.

Stager Created Courses

In fact, as a realtor, you can learn basic staging skills through professional stager created courses. Learn lessons, skills and proven methods from a multi-million dollar staging business. Attend your classes through online videos that can be accessed anywhere. More so, you will be taught how to stage vacant or occupied homes, redesign, and service pricing. Additionally, you will understand color theory and how to market your business to succeed. In fact, you will receive the design knowledge to explain your staging recommendations to your clients. This course costs about $1,300 or 5 monthly payments of about $260. However, you can become a certified stager in less than 20 hours. These lessons could also be useful if you are a business realtor. Definitely use stager created courses to learn business skills from professionals.

Hands-On Courses

There are also hands-on courses to gain home staging certification as a realtor. This program offers a specifically developed progression from beginner skills to advanced techniques. You can take 5 or 6 day courses. Receive at least 10 hands-on exercises. At least 3 courses require a physical outing in the field. Classes are kept small so you can receive personal coaching and instructing throughout the process. In fact, you receive resources to start your own staging business. You will get a manual with more than 135 pages of colors including tools for projects and a color deck. More so, you are given a contract download and resources. This provides you with these essential forms for your new certified business. Finally, you receive customizable marketing pieces. Add your name/information, print it and have an instant marketing tool. Certainly use hands-on courses as a realtor to get started quickly.

Business Based Staging Courses

Finally, as a realtor, you can take business based staging courses. Learn how to earn an income by decorating homes while understanding the business of staging and consultations. You will be exposed to marketing secrets to boost your business with extra ways to make money in the home staging industry. In addition to course resources, you can receive a business/consultation checklist with room-by-room planning documents and access to online discussions for up to 2 months. Depending on the package you choose, you can take these courses with features included, for less than $1,000. You can also gain access to bonus features including an an hour Q&A and an action guide for an extra $100. If you prefer to have physical coursework with features and document resources, it will cost about $1,300. This course can take as little as 12 hours to complete and can be done so in the comfort of your home. Definitely consider business based staging courses as a realtor.

There are several best certified home staging courses for realtors. In fact, there are courses to help you with the digital real estate staging of your properties. Flexible home staging courses provide frequent resources and guarantee a refund if you are not satisfied. Meanwhile, supported staging course allow you to learn the staging process by working with professional and successful stagers. Additionally, you can take stager created courses to learn lessons and methods from successful home staging professionals. Definitely take a hands-on course to gain first hand experience in the field and to earn resources to start your own staging business. Finally, take business based staging courses to learn the fundamentals and basics of earning money as a home stager. Of course, these are a few of the best certified home staging courses for realtors.

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