How To Start A Home Staging Business With Interior Design Skills

Starting your own home staging business is an attractive goal. As a potential new business owner, you are motivated and eager to start building your new career, regardless of whether or not you are an entrepreneurship major. However, there are various considerations you need to take into account before fully investing yourself into this competitive, yet profitable market. To ensure you are prepared for what lies ahead, here is a handy checklist for starting a home staging business.

Establish Credibility

Home sellers and estate agents will not let anyone stage their home, so it is recommended to establish some degree of credibility. There is no special training or certification required to stage homes for sale. However, interior design courses will greatly boost your credibility in the eyes of potential clients. Additionally, a natural talent and passion for interior design, one that is palpable to clients, bolsters your chances of landing the role. If you can communicate to homeowners that you are credible and experienced, then you can jump-start your home staging business more smoothly.

Budget For Inventory

Before you start up a home staging business from scratch, it is important to establish a budget for building your inventory. A home staging business necessitates furniture, decorations, and other home living products. While your inventory will accumulate gradually, starting out you will need to purchase a range of home decor to show your first few houses. Additionally, you must afford the means to move, store, and maintain your inventory over time. Having the business capital necessary to be able to purchase, store, and maintain the essential tools for any home staging business is an incredibly important factor to consider.

Make It Official

In order to do business, you need to be a business. Make it official. Decide on the name of your business before you file a DBA. Choose one that appeals to your customers and communicates your quality of service. Then, obtain a license to do business in your state. You can do this by incorporating your business as an LLC, C-Corp or another formal business structure. With that step out of the way, you can begin to plan and execute your home staging business seriously.

Invest In Marketing Materials

Now that you are a business, you need to resemble a business by having the proper marketing materials. Draft a portfolio that you can present to potential clients. Have business cards made that you can distribute. Create a brochure detailing your services, and leave them on community bulletin boards in your area. Lastly, you should have a web site that all other marketing materials lead back to. Marketing is an unforgettable step in starting a home staging business. You cannot afford to pass it by.


In such a competitive market, networking is essential to building your client base. Be sure to attend industry events. They are a powerful resource for meeting estate agents, as well as properly understanding the current position of the real estate market. You can also attend open houses in your area. This will help you familiarize yourself with the local players, property advocates, real estate agents, and your competitors. Starting a home staging business without networking is tantamount to sitting idly by, waiting for opportunity to come find you.

This checklist is essential for starting a home staging business. For anyone to take you seriously, you will need some form of credibility. To purchase and maintain inventory, your budget should be well and established. Make it official by naming and registering your business so you can really get down to business. Commission marketing materials, so when you are ready you will be able to get your name out there. Moreover, never pass up on a networking opportunity; those relationships you form will be invaluable to you. If you adhere to the points labeled in this checklist, you will be ready to launch your own home staging business in no time.

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