How To Make Your Hotel Stand Out From The Competition

Hotel owners are constantly looking to make their establishments stand out from the competition. Superior hospitality is a lost art people want back into their hotels. Thoughtful upgrades for everything from guest services to environmental concerns will have guests feeling more serviced and at home in your hotel, therefore eager to return. If you are interested in how to make your hotel stand out from the competition, continue reading this post.

Make Your Staff Useful

Your hotel can be one where guests barely look at their phones because they are talking to real people. This is a refreshing contrast to the usual scenes: Crowds wander through glitzy lobbies with cell phones as concierges, after they struggle to load their own luggage into whatever car an app sends.

Each guest brings a wealth of conversation starters. Train your staff to ask meaningful questions and deliver outstanding answers. Instead of watching staff let check-in software do all the work, guests should hear “Do you need help with bags?”

Other questions can follow to let guests know they are serviced:

  • “Would you like more information on in-room dining and nearby restaurants?”
  • “Will you need dry cleaning or package services?”
  • “Will you need a car or taxi later or in the morning?”

Make Technology Relevant

When technology replaces staff, it should be urgent. The quality of technological amenities greatly contributes to a positive hotel brand. Keep automatic WiFi in the lobbies. Hallway desktops set to apps for the day’s weather forecast and traffic conditions answer common questions before guests must ask. Whatever the fixtures you choose, you need to ensure that the technology is always modern, and relevant to popular devices. When you offer fully updated and relevant technology, you help differentiate your hotel from competitors.

Allocate Advertising Efforts For Peak Season

A major strategy to stand out against competitors is to allocate your advertising efforts for your peak season. If you are constantly producing content and marketing materials throughout the year, it can be exhausting to keep up with your competition. Yet, during peak seasons, these advertising materials are essential to ensure your property stands out from the competition. If you operate in an area that faces changes based on seasonal demand, save marketing efforts for your busiest months and seasons. Constantly follow travel business trends and look to deploy your most thorough marketing efforts during the most popular seasons. These efforts will likely have the greatest overall impact on your profitability, and also guarantee your competition differentiation.

Swap Outdated Conveniences For Current Amenities

Keep the coffee station and complimentary water bottles, but ditch expensive and cheap snacks. Hotels stock up expensive minibars out of habit and keep that old vending machine next to the ice station. Meanwhile, today’s guests are ordering full meals and healthy snacks straight to their rooms via apps.

Accept changing times and work with, not against, them. Guests need a small hotel room refrigerator for leftovers much more than expensive cheese in the middle of the night.

Little Refurbishments Go A Long Way

Uncomfortable and outdated are different from old-fashioned and quaint. Some people enjoy the vintage look, but chances are your hotel could use some freshening up. Painting is always necessary somewhere or trendy colors should be tried. Artwork boosts aesthetics tremendously. A local artist series is a budget friendly overhaul guests will remember and talk about long after they leave. Pool area? Generic white plastic tables and chairs are out. Colorful, stylish options provide a relaxing resort feel.

Advertise On Booking Apps

For many hotel owners looking to stand out to vacationers and differentiate from the competition, consider advertising on booking apps. For many owners, aligning with booking apps seems like siding with the competition. However, there are significant incentives to advertising your properties on these platforms. Within these apps, you can set you preferred nightly rate, as well as the lowest rate you are willing to accept on a nightly basis. This information is then analyzed along with competing hotels in your area to best generate a fair nightly rate. With this, you offer increased value to lodgers, and obtain an increased reach on your listing. These apps can help you market to business travelers or extend your reach to vacationing families. Consider Advertising booking apps in order to make your property stand out amongst competitors.

Go The Natural Route

People today judge companies based on their alignment with the environment, animals and organic foods. Show your commitment to what the public cares about and they will share it with others who visit your hotel because of it. Small changes certainly go noticed by your valued guests and travelers.

Healthy toiletries

Nix irritating, harsh, cheap toiletries. Demand is high for products people feel proud of using, plus they want to reduce plastics. Partner with a holistic brand on bulk-use dispensers instead of small bottles.


Plants are another healthy hotel upgrade. They set a nice mood and freshen the air. Some plants, succulents and herbs can grow for years after initial purchase. They can also serve as a rotating motif for different seasons and holidays.

Towel stations

Extra robes and towels take up valuable hook and shelf space. Most guests ignore signs to encourage sparse towel usage. Save money and time on unnecessary laundry and housekeeping, plus lessen missing towels, with a towel station: After check-in, guests see a friendly professional to take only the bathing essentials they need.

Showing guests you care for their needs, the community and environment will definitely bring many back for more. You also need to provide clients unique and high-class amenities. Look to extend your reach by advertising on hotel booking sites or social media platforms. Furthermore, look to allocate a large portion of your advertising funds directly towards the peak season. If you are interested in how to make your hotel stand out from the competition, consider the points mentioned above.

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