How To Franchise A Business Successfully


Franchising is a brilliant way to expand your business. Successful businesses usually offer franchise opportunities to promote rapid growth. But, franchising a business can be equally harmful for the franchisor in times of economic stress. After all, selling franchises is a complex task. To find a franchise owner, studies have shown that it takes more than a year on average. Therefore, it would be helpful to go over the benefits and process of how to franchise a business properly.

The Benefits of Franchising A Business

Franchising can prove to be successful because of the benefits it offers. From reducing man management stress to providing easy expansion capital, franchising is safer than most other business expansion processes. Franchise owners are usually more responsible than company managers because of their personal involvement. As franchise owners, they work towards achieving the business goal with great dedication. Additionally, franchising a business helps gain better local penetration as far as marketing is concerned. For businesses, franchising can be a great option to maximize opportunities and be extremely successful.

However, the benefits of franchising a business depend greatly upon a few factors. To franchise a business, it is important to consider whether a business is actually worth franchising or not. Franchisors need to realize that every business model would not support a franchise system. Businesses that require strict regulations to operate on a daily basis are not best suited for franchises. Franchising means giving up considerable control in the operational processes. Although franchise owners are a part of the business, they are also independent entities working towards individual goals. This issue may cause conflicts with the overall business plan of the franchise company. As you can imagine, businesses with increasingly flexible business models are more successful as franchises.

How To Franchise A Business

The key to franchise a business successfully is developing an exceptional support system. This is important to ensure quality control and successful management of the franchisees. A strong support system would help the potential franchise buyers trust the brand and process. Along with this, businesses can develop support software and online training to provide more convenient ways to provide real-time support. Additionally, new business franchises require marketing and advertising support to gain into a broader market. To franchise a business, it would be helpful to start creating a complete support and training system.

Secondly, franchising a business requires considerable planning for legal concerns too. Businesses need to be certified franchise providers to offer franchise options. The Federal Trade Commission requires franchisors to submit financial statements, working franchising manuals and a breakdown of the franchise investment plan. This is done for Starbucks franchise and other large companies too. Businesses who want to franchise out should submit a Franchise Disclosure Document providing all the necessary details before selling its first franchise license.

Most importantly, planning on a competitive investment cost can be beneficial. Selling franchises are much like selling products or services. Prospective franchise owners want to buy profitable business models. Businesses need to provide reasonable rates compared to the entire cost of running the entire franchise system. Therefore, the investment requirement plan should be carefully assembled to attract potential franchise owners who may also be interested in your competition’s opportunities.

These are some of the basic guidelines that can help a business to set up a successful franchise chain. However, it is always advised to seek the help of financial and legal experts before deciding on the franchising growth strategy. Success in franchising can be a long process, requiring considerable hard work and problem solving. But, if done effectively, franchising can be much more profitable than other business expansion processes.

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