7 Cheap Franchises That Make Money From The Start

There are many franchises out there, but not all are cheap. Those that area cheap are also not necessarily good businesses. However, if you are stuck Googling “how much is Kumon?”, you probably cannot afford the franchise. If you are looking to open a successful franchise but would like to keep costs as low as possible, it can prove to be a difficult task. This post will provide you with some options for cheap franchises that offer you the best chances at success.

H&R Block

H&R Block is one of the leading names in the accounting and tax preparation field. While you might have been thinking about how to become a CPF, this is a great financial business model. It is also one of the most affordable franchise options out there. For just $2,500, entrepreneurs can start their franchise. Overall, H&R Block franchise costs can range from as little as $35,000 for a small office in an affordable location, to as much as $136,000 for a larger office in a more metropolitan area. This means that you, the franchisee, can decide on a business location that fits your budget. If you want to open a cheap, recession-proof franchise, consider becoming an H&R Block franchisee, unless you would prefer to start a hair salon instead.


With gyms like Retro Fitness and Planet Fitness cropping up all over, it is easy to notice how popular keeping in shape is in today’s society. If you are interested in capitalizing on this health craze, Jazzercise offers you the ability with out the heavy financial burden of its competitors. With costs starting at just under $3,000, this franchise is one of the cheapest. But, it still provides you with the comfort of name recognition. Almost every American has heard of Jazzercise, which may increase your odds at business success. If you want a cheap franchise option that people are familiar with, Jazzercise is a good way to go.

Cruise Planners

Cruise Planners operates under American Express. While the name may not provide recognition on first glance, you may feel comfort knowing that it is backed by one of the largest names in credit. Cruise Planners is a network of travel agents that work from home. If you are interested in operating in the travel industry, you may want to give Cruise Planners closer consideration. Costs start at just above $2,000. Thanks to the home office opportunities this cheap franchise provides, you will be able to start working to make that money back right away. If you are concerned about low start up costs and quick returns, Cruise Planners by American Express may be the cheap franchise for you.

Vanguard Cleaning Systems

Vanguard Cleaning Systems is another low cost franchise option, unlike the Outback franchise. However, this franchise is not as cheap as its competitors on this list. With costs starting at around $11,000, you may be quick to drop this option from considerations. However, if you are a veteran you may not want to do that just yet. Vanguard Cleaning Systems offers a discount of 10% to veterans looking to start their own business. While this is not a huge discount, it is a huge indicator of how Vanguard treats their franchisees, particularly those who have served and learned how to become a CEO. If you are a veteran looking to open a cheap franchise, consider Vanguard Cleaning Systems.

Baby Boot Camp

Another fitness option for those looking to buy into the craze is Baby Boot Camp. While not as widely known as Jazzercise or other child care franchises, Baby Boot Camp is a great option for those concerned about longevity. Baby Boot Camp is an exercise program designed for moms to work out without having to leave their baby. Loosing weight and getting in shape will always be of concern to new moms, so this can prove to be a lucrative business for years to come. Franchise costs start at just $4,800 and vary based on location. If you are interested in fitness but worry that Jazzercise may be past its prime, Baby Boot camp is a great choice to consider.

Jan-Pro Franchising

Jan-Pro Franchising International Inc. is a commercial cleaning business opportunity for entrepreneurs, school dropouts and anyone interested in becoming a franchisee. For an initial investment as low as just $4,000, you can start your own successful business. This commercial cleaning franchise opportunity only requires a net worth of $1,000 and a liquid cash requirement of the same amount. Alongside the cheap franchise fee of $2,520 and a royalty fee of only 10%, entrepreneurs with limited capital can really make quite a bit of money for a low investment. If you need the cheapest franchise available, that would probably be a Jan-Pro franchise.

Wedding Planning Franchises

There are number of low cost franchises in the wedding industry. You can buy a wedding planning franchise for as little as $10,000. With a total investment of less than $20,000, you can have an entire business up and running. This is a franchise for women and men alike. By putting together complete weddings and events, the franchise can pay itself off within just a few months. If you find yourself doing 10-20 weddings per year, this is a cheap franchise that makes money.

These cheap franchises are great options that save you money while still providing excellent opportunities for success, regardless of whether you choose to use Magento vs Woocommerce. Without much capital to work with, cost is obviously your first concern. But, also consider what industry you would like to operate in before making your decision. No matter what you decide, you have a great chance for success by choosing one of these four cheap franchises.

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