How To Get Amazon Reviews Legally To Boost Ecommerce Profits

If you are an Amazon seller, your number one priority is establishing business credibility for your online store. That is the only way to increase sales and therefore increase profits for your Amazon selling business. The best way to do that, as you surely know, is to get reviews for your products on Amazon. This is easier said than done, of course. But let us make it easier for you. Below, find out how to get Amazon reviews to increase your business credibility for online shoppers using the e-commerce platform to find goods.

Ask Friends & Family

Ask friends and family to buy your products and review them on Amazon for you. This is the best way to get a few starter reviews. Your family and friends will of course be willing to support your business endeavor. They are also much more likely to think highly of your products and thus give good Amazon reviews. By having your family buy and review the product on Amazon directly, there review will become a verified Amazon review. This is important, because it distinguishes the purchase and review as real and legitimate. That will make other Amazon shoppers much more likely to trust the review and buy your product. Ask family and friends to buy and review your product once it goes live on Amazon. That is the best way to build up a few reviews to encourage other online shoppers.

Visit A Forum

Visit an online forum to get reviews for your Amazon products. First, you want to create an account. Then, you need to take time – a couple weeks, at the very least – to build a rapport with users on a particular subreddit that deals with your business’s products. After you have built a relationship with Reddit users, offer free products to users who are willing to write a review on Amazon for you. Yes, this will cost you quite a bit of money. But it will be worth it to put off renting office space for your small business. Once you have those initial reviews, the Amazon sales are sure to start pouring in. Make sure you take advantage of online message boards and forums like Reddit get reviews for your products on Amazon.

Contact Influencers

Reach out to social media influencers with information about your product. You cannot technically ask them to review it in exchange for a free product outright. However, there are no rules against reaching out to social influencers to promote your Amazon product with a few web meetings and email exchanges. The more influencers you reach out to on social media, the better your chances at success. If your product is good enough, the influencer may want to partner with you to offer a discount for their followers. Then, you can leverage them for their reviews and future reviews from their followers. If you want to know how to get Amazon reviews legally, this is the best way to capitalize on the popularity of social media influencers.

Offer A Discount

You can also offer a steep discount to get reviews on Amazon for your products. You can promote this discount on your website or social media accounts as well as on online forums like Reddit. You may even want to include a short, polite plee for reviews in exchange for the discount code. Those that want your product will be much more willing to shell out the cash if they get some savings out of the deal. Once their shipments arrive and they try out the product, then they will be compelled to review your product on Amazon of their own volition. If you want to get reviews on Amazon quickly, the best thing to do is to offer discounts for honest reviews.

Build An Email List

The best way to get real, honest reviews on Amazon is to build an email contact list. When you build a subscriber list, you can easily blast an email out to hundreds of people at once. In that email, you can request reviews for products that you know email list subscribers have previously purchased. In fact, there are even features on Amazon that allow you to communicate with Amazon customers via email after a purchase. This is the best time to request a review on Amazon for the product shipment that just arrived at their door. This is all entirely legal according to Amazon’s new review rules. If you want to get legitimate reviews on Amazon legally, start building up a business contact list of customers to enable further communications with those shoppers.

Owning an Amazon selling business is a great way to earn money in ecommerce, even if you just sell cardboard boxes. But without Amazon product reviews, you will not even have a chance to be successful. There is simply far too much competition on Amazon. You need to know how to get reviews on Amazon in order to establish your Amazon seller business as legitimate, credible and trustworthy for consumers. Use the strategies above to get real reviews on Amazon for your products. These Amazon review tips will help you increase the amount of reviews you have. Then, you can watch sales roll in and your profits increased once online shoppers know they can buy your Amazon product without fear. Let us know how these tips work out for you in the comments below.

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