4 Tips On How To Prevent Losing Existing Customers


According to reports, an average business loses around 20 percent of customers annually because of failing customer relationships. Imagine how one company can lose so much by losing that percentage of its clients every year. For some, it could get even worse. However, there are things you can do to retain your existing customers and prevent them from walking away.

Do Some Analysis On Customer Trends

First off, you must know who your customers are and where they are coming from. You can select a time period for this to get a better picture of your customers’ statistics. Through this, you can also know what their most common purchases are and how much they spend for those.

The earlier you can analyze the customer trend patterns, the faster you can adjust to their needs. Note that market trends can also be influential in your business. Thus, you must see this up close and think of what you can do to provide.

Reach Out To Your Long-time Customers

You would want to keep a close personal relationship with your long-time customers, so you don’t stay out of their radar. You can either reach out to them by telemarketing services at certain periods of time. These should be done by a real representative of the company who can also gather important feedback. Give them updates of what they could buy from you, tell them of any new offers they might be interested in, or simply ask for their feedback about their recent purchase. This is your chance to learn from their comments and help you weed out unnecessary things in your business.

Frequent communication with your customers is very crucial as well. Even just the simple gesture of saying ‘thank you,’ giving follow-ups, special offers, and any notes with some personal touch can keep these customers because they feel valued.

Excellent Customer Service

What better way for you to have an influx of repeat and new customers than an excellent customer service? If you provide your current customers the satisfaction that they deserve, then words will come out and spread like you’d never imagined.

Diego Orjuela, CEO of Cables and Sensors, shares how they stood out among the rest. “Dealers tell us we’re different, we ship faster and answer questions quickly, and our product is superior. One customer told us he was scoring each supplier and we stood out. We proved to them what we are capable of,” he said in his interview with Inc. Magazine.

The key to an excellent customer service is delivering more than what your customers expect from you, even if it means going beyond your call of duty.

Accept Complaints

Most of the dissatisfied customers do not complain, but they will simply walk out and tell others instead. Accepting complaints is a gift to your business because that just means your customers are trying to help you get better. These customers are also most likely to help with marketing surveys to improve the company. Most of the time, though, these people just don’t know how or where they could tell their complaints to. You best hope they don’t tattle angrily about it on social media.

Show your customers that you are open to complaints or suggestions in order to serve them better. This way, you can still correct their impressions of you and provide them with great satisfaction.

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  1. Rob @ Money Nomad

    Accepting complaints politely is a great way to keep customers around. I have had several occasion where a customer would have left if I had not been willing to politely work through the issue with them. Sometimes a listening hear can be your greatest asset.

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