Best HR Conferences For Thought Leaders To Attend In 2018

If you are a Human Resources professional, you know that there are many, many different HR conferences offered in the United States and abroad. But of course, some are better than others. Some offer corporate training certification and inspiring keynote speakers, while others seem like they were thrown together last minute. You do not want to waste your time and money attending an HR conference that turns out to be a dud. Avoid that by attending of one of the top HR conferences in the field this year.

SHRM Conference

The SHRM conference is the biggest HR conference in the world. That is why it has long been considered one of the best HR conferences to attend. The 2018n SHRM conference features exciting keynote speakers, including the inspirational Malala Yousafzai and impressive Adam Grant. The conference is comprised of nearly 200 sessions. Those sessions are organized into six different tracks. These tracks include Business & HR strategy, HR Compliance, Global HR, Professional Development, Talent Management and Total Rewards. No matter what you want to learn more about or what aspect of your job skills you want to improve, attending the SHRM conference will help you accomplish those goals.

HCI Employee Engagement Conference

The Employee Engagement Conference is one of the top human resources conferences, hosted by the Human Capital Institute. The 2018 HCI conference promises to teach HR professionals like you the tools and coaching strategies you need to drive engagement. Employee engagement is always a complicated issue in the human resources profession. There are far too many employees working in a hostile work environment in today’s day and age. If you want to learn better employee engagement strategies to implement at your company, consider attending this 2018 HR conference.

HR Technology Conference & Exposition

The HR Technology Conference is the world’s largest HR tech expo. HR technology is constantly evolving and improving. But in order to make the most out of it, you need to know what the newest HR software and technology is and how to use it. This is the perfect conference for that purpose. The 2018 conference is focused on women in HR technology in particular. This makes it an excellent opportunities for female HR professionals to take center stage and learn how to make the workplace a better place for women. If you want to learn more about the latest HR technology and women in HR tech, this is the conference to attend in 2018.

Indeed Interactive Conference

Indeed Interactive is a two-day conference put on by one of the largest and most popular job websites in the world. If you want to learn recruitment best practices, attend keynotes from industry thought leaders and strengthen your knowledge of the Indeed platform, this is one of the best HR conferences to attend in 2018. You can benefit from new industry relationships and real world tactics for data driven hiring, which is particularly perfect for you if you are a hiring manager. Consider the Indeed Interactive Conference if you are looking for the best recruiting conferences to learn more about data powered hiring practices and more.

WorkHuman Conference

The 2018 WorkHuman Conference is a four-day HR extravaganza. The event, put on by Globoforce, features some of the best minds in organizational psychology and innovative leadership. It also includes time to network and share ideas with other HR professionals. The conference website even includes a handy, customizable letter that includes all the details and benefits of attending the conference so that you can justify your trip to your manager. If you want to attend one of the most innovative HR conferences in 2018, consider attending the Globoforce WorkHuman Conference.

If you are a driven human resources manager or other HR professional, you are always looking for ways to improve your skills at work and bring new strategies and tools to your company. Attending recruiting conference and other HR conferences will make it possible to do that. You just have to know the right HR events to attend. Consider the top HR conferences mentioned above. These five top human resources conferences of 2018 are sure to offer you a chance to improve your professional self and even some opportunities to let loose and enjoy a getaway to a unique, fun location.

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