5 Emerging HR Tech Trends Supporting Business Growth In 2021

There are several emerging human resources (HR) tech trends supporting business growth in 2023. According to recent studies, over 80% of organizations have adopted at least one HR tech solution during the pandemic or plan to over the upcoming year. Indeed, businesses are looking for agile digital solutions to maintain productivity in remote work environments. Amid COVID-19, the right applications and software resources are essential to facilitate digital transformation. As an HR manager, you need to know the latest tech trends to ensure business continuity this year. Indeed, these are essential to keep your team engaged and build company progress. Read on to discover the several emerging HR tech trends supporting business growth in 2023.

AI-Driven Recruitment Platforms

First, business artificial intelligence (AI) driven recruitment platforms are one of the latest HR tech trends to support business growth. Using AI-based algorithms and cloud computing technology, AI-based recruitment platforms can help HR professionals better understand candidate profiles. For example, some AI systems automatically pull fresh data for profile monitoring. Typically, these applications draw information from variety of sources. Often, these include social media pages and other professional channels for a comprehensive employee matchmaking strategy. Additionally, many AI platforms can engage automatically through chat or email. This way, interested candidates can engage with your company and you can assess if they are right for an interview. Definitely, AI-driven recruitment platforms are essential if your company is hiring this year.

Virtual Onboarding Software

Next, virtual onboarding software is another tech trend in HR to support business growth through 2023. With many companies working remotely, onboarding software is essential to introduce new hires to the team. In addition, many onboarding applications are customizable. For example, you can typically personalize each role in your company with messages to your new employees. Indeed, your company administrative professionals, accountants, and sales representatives each have their own unique responsibilities. By using onboarding software, you can fill out paperwork processes. Some companies also utilize these applications to post training videos as well. Surely, virtual onboarding software has great customizable features to introduce new staff members to your remote team.

Workforce Management Applications

In addition, workforce management applications are another HR tech trend supporting business growth. Using a workforce management app, you can maximize efficiency in the workplace. For example, many software systems can adapt to various changes in labor demands. Leveraging AI algorithms, they can predict how many employees you need across your different roles. Using this information, these applications can automate scheduling processes as well, allowing you to provide quality, economical service. Moreover, top workforce management software can account for legal scheduling obligations. Plus, employees can often set their availability, which further boosts digital engagement. In short, install a workforce management application to maximize efficiency, manage legal obligations, and engage your staff.

Asynchronous Communication Platforms

Moreover, many HR managers are calling for a shift to asynchronous communication platforms. For example, employee messaging software systems are expected to increase in popularity this year. With these messaging systems, managers can create groups based on each department in your team. This streamlines communication by delivering your messages to the appropriate audiences efficiently. In addition, this asynchronous approach decreases distractions throughout the remote working day. Indeed, many employees can simply see the message, respond, and get back to work on their projects. Therefore, asynchronous communication platforms are essential HR tech trends to watch out for in 2023.

Employee Wellness Webinars

Furthermore, employee wellness webinars are another rising trend supporting business continuity. Indeed, many companies are utilizing video conferencing software to share wellness-focused presentations to their offsite staff. Often, these programs focus on how to achieve a healthy work-life balance when working from home. Importantly, weekly or monthly wellness webinars can be a great solution to give your employees access to mental and physical health resources. With robust screen sharing features, these tech tools allow you to share informational videos and websites with your team. During the COVID-19 crisis, it is essential to support employee wellness, so your staff can continue to stay productive. Certainly, employee wellness webinars are a key HR tech trend for business continuity through 2023.

There are several emerging HR tech trends supporting business growth in 2023. First, AI-driven recruitment platforms are essential if you’re hiring new employees this year. Next, virtual onboarding software is a great, customizable tool to introduce new hires. In addition, you can install workforce management software to boost efficiency, manage business legal factors, and increase engagement. Moreover, asynchronous communication platforms are another trend to watch out for this year. Furthermore, employee wellness webinars are crucial to maintaining your team’s health. Implement these emerging HR tech trends to support business growth in 2023.

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