How To Import From China To Lower Manufacturing Costs Now

China is well-known the world over for producing low-cost products en masse thanks to robots and automation. This presents an incredible opportunity for business owners in other countries where manufacturing costs are quite a bit more burdensome. However, you have to know how to import from China in order to benefit from these low production costs at your own business. If you want to start importing goods from China to help lower costs and increase profits for your business, find out how to do just that below.

1. Decide What Products To Import

First, you need to decide what products in particular you want to import from China. It may be illegal to import certain products, depending on what country you are hoping to import to. Or, it may be more cost-effective to simply purchase products made in the USA or whichever your home country is. Knowing what you want to import is the first step to beginning your process.

2. Research Import Laws

Once you know what you want to import, it is time to research import laws in your home country. Each country has its own restrictions and regulations surrounding imports/exports. Some import regulations may make importing products from China too cost prohibitive. Or, the products you want to import could just be illegal to import at all. Be sure you check out the importation laws in your particular country. This way, you can be sure to make the most cost-effective decision for your business.

3. Find A Chinese Exporter/Supplier

Next, you have to find suppliers in China to do business with. Of course, this requires a large amount of research. You want to be sure that any suppliers you choose produce high-quality products at a low price point. If you have the time and the budget, take a trip overseas to trade shows in China. If not, you can look at suppliers online using Alibaba or a similar website. Regardless of how you find your supplier, be sure to ask for references or product samples to ensure quality levels.

4. Negotiate

Once you have found the Chinese exporter that you want to do business with, it is time to start negotiations. Make sure that you research Chinese negotiation tactics and norms before you set out on this task. It is not like construction bidding in the U.S. There may be cultural differences that, if you are not prepared, could cause you to lose the deal. Culturally, Chinese businessmen believe in forming a relationship before doing business with anyone. Be certain to anticipate a period of intense negotiations, as you would with any other business transactions. But, just remember to also build a relationship before you attempt these negotiations. This way you can be sure to negotiate the best deal for your business import from China.

5. Handle Shipping Logistics

Now, it is time to consider shipping logistics for your imports from China. Air freight, sea freight, courier, regular post and freight forwarders are some of the many types of shipping methods you have at your disposal. Choose whichever freight services offers you the lowest costs. But, you may also want to consider the estimated shipping time if your products are in high demand and you need them quickly. Once you make your decision for shipping, you will have successfully learned how to import from China. Now, you just have to wait until your products get here to experience the benefits of low-cost manufacturing.

If you are a business owner, you are always looking to cut costs, even if it means relocating manufacturing operations. One way to do this is to import from China. In fact, many international business owners, particularly American business owners, elect to import goods from China because of the incredible cost benefits it provides. Follow the steps above for your first time importing from China. This way, you can be certain to have performed your due diligence to the fullest extent of your ability. This will allow you to experience cost saving benefits while also meeting import/export regulations requirements for your particular country. Let us know how it works out for you in the comments below.

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