Improve Your Business Listing Visibility To Local And Global Customers

A business listing is information about your business posted in a directory, website or search engine. This can include your hours of operation, phone number, address and much more. Your listing informs potential customers about your business and gain a better understanding of your products or services. As a marketing professional, it is essential that you utilize a business listing to your advantage. To learn more about how you can improve your business listing, keep reading below.

Identify Your Category

One of the first things that you should do with your business listing is ensure that it is clearly categorized. For example, restaurants should be properly listed under food services, restaurants and other similar categories. If you neglect to identify a category, you may be limiting your opportunities to appear in a specified search. This is true for retailers, plumbing services and doctor’s offices as well. If you want to improve your business listing, make sure that it is categorized.

Implement SEO On Your Site

Improving the search engine optimization on your website is another great way to help boost your listing. Your information will not only appear when people search directories – it will also appear when they are seeking similar services in a search engine. This can be done by marketing your business online, including high quality stock photos on your site and doing continuous outreach campaigns. Ensuring that your website pops up when people search relevant information can bring a lot of traffic to your company, both online and in store.

Update Your Information

One mistake many marketing professionals make is that they neglect to update their business listing. If your company changes addresses, phone numbers or emails, it is essential that you notify the various business listings in your area. Even with the best guerilla marketing efforts, people need accurate information. This will help direct customers to your business even if they are not personally updated on the latest information.

Encourage Reviews

If you want to really improve your business listing, consider encouraging customers to leave reviews on those various websites. Two of the most popular business listing avenues are Google and Yelp, both of which favor businesses with more reviews. Having your clients and customers review your business will not only provide personal testimony for potential consumers to see, but it will also improve your visibility within those directories.

Expand Your Directories

Finally, the last thing that you should do to improve your business listing is to expand the number of directories you are listed in. Rather than sticking to one search engine or one business directory, take the time to ensure that your business is posted in as many places as possible. There are many sites dedicated to various industries. For example, you can enlist in a sports marketing site. Try to verify your information on different sites or search engines as well. Once you put your business listing out there, it will likely have much greater visibility.

If you are a marketing professional, you should definitely be focused on improving your business listing. By keeping your listing updated and utilizing search engine optimization, you can help boost the traffic of your company. Involving your business in more directories and encouraging reviews, you can even better improve your chances of appearing at the top of a directory or online search. Try out these tips for yourself the next time you are looking to boost your business listing.

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