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The best guerilla marketing campaigns are ones that attract attention and are easy to share with others. Companies attract this attention by daring to do something different, often provocative, that is outside the normal marketing channels. With today’s technology, it must also be easy to share across social media in the hopes of going viral by following some social media tips. Here are some considerations to ensure you have the best guerilla marketing campaign.

Think Outside The Box

The expression, “thinking outside the box” has become somewhat cliche in modern business. Yet, it is important in advertising. In order to have the best guerilla marketing, you have to throw out traditional ideas such as print magazine ads or TV commercials. The best guerilla marketing campaigns are an experience for the consumer. Brainstorm with your team and invite members not usually involved in the process to participate. You may be surprised to see some of the best guerilla marketing ideas come from unexpected employees.

Bigger Is Not Always Better

A bigger budget for marketing does not always guarantee better success. In fact, the best guerilla marketing campaigns have been known to cost significantly less than traditional marketing. The key is to use funds in a creative way. Instead of hiring a company to create an ad, you may wish to hire a group of students to “flash mob” an event that brings attention to your company. Do not assume that more money will make the best guerilla marketing.

Push Buttons

In order to create a memorable experience, you have to be willing to push some buttons. The best guerilla marketing campaigns have been provocative so people will talk about them. Using unusual art that shocks the consumer is one way to achieve this. Assault the senses to surprise the customer, but be careful not to take it too far. Avoid negative stereotypes, name calling and anything that could be misinterpreted by a group of people whether they are your target market or not. Some guerilla marketing campaigns have backfired and received the wrong kind of attention.

Give Customers Something To Touch

Traditional marketing relies on seeing or hearing a sales pitch. While some of the best guerilla marketing campaigns have been colorful, unique artistic advertisements, giving your customer something with which to interact is an excellent way to be remembered. If you can get your actual product or service physically in front of them in an interesting way, do it. An alternative might be to produce something that will photograph well and can easily be shared on social media websites.

Do Something Nice

A great way to generate interest in your company is to do something nice for a group of people or even another business. This could be a charitable donation (such as beer companies pausing production to donate canned water to undeserved communities) or taking a moment to call out a particularly positive attribute of another business. Not only will customers take note of your company helping others, there is a good chance this sort of goodwill may come your way in the future. The best guerilla marketing is something unusual and surprising, but it can still be something pleasant.

To have the best guerilla marketing campaign you must be creative. Avoid traditional methods of advertising and generate unique ideas. Try to provoke a response in people but be careful not to go too far. Give customers something to interact with that they can share with friends online. The best guerilla marketing is something that throws out the rule book and surprises your customers.

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